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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicMusicRap and Hip-Hop · 8 years ago

Eminem Recovery, he went mainstream to purposely annoy people?

the main eminem albums (the best ones) Slim shady lp, marshal Mather's lp and the eminem show all had a subject.

on the sslp em introduced us to slim shady a funny yet dark and twisted character where one song it would be slim shady saying something funny and next one becoming more sinister and then eminem would almost try and explain his actions. he made very offensive lyrics to provoke a reaction from women and parents.

On the mmlp he has got the reaction he wanted and has new enemies to attack (parents, feminists and gays) whilst also continuing the schizoid style of track list. he then makes enemies with the government.

On the eminem show he now has the government to attack (continuing his style)

the nest two albums he was on drugs or was flushing them out and his split personality theme was lost.

Recovery was an attempt to (yes you guessed it) recover. He changed the overall style of the album to a more "mainstream" one. This annoyed many fans and got them trolling all over the internet on how angry they are at him. This is exactly what he wanted to happen. he now has a fresh new batch of enemies to attack continuing his old style of "piss as many people off as possible" and seeing how know one cared about violent or explicit lyrics anymore, he found a new way of doing it.

And i think you'll agree it worked

I think you've all been played my friends, don't lose faith in him or you'll be shady's next target.

after all, "you don't- wanna f**k with shady, cos shady- will f**king kill you!

Any comments?


Dear anna, is that an insult or compliment?

I know eminem would take it as an insult and I see it as one but that depends on whether your stupid enough to like him (vannilla ice).

Update 2:

what do you mean he needed assitance with the beef? the reason dr dre, 50 cent, busta rhymes, etc got involved was because they were dissed to. and plus he didn't aim at the weaklings (ja rule, jermain dupri, etc) they attacked him first. The reason his friends got involved is because thats what friends do, you probably wouldn't know this, seeing that you don't have any.

Update 3:

what do you mean he needed assistance with the beef? the reason dr dre, 50 cent, busta rhymes, etc got involved was because they were dissed to. and plus he didn't aim at the weaklings (ja rule, jermain dupri, etc) they attacked him first. The reason his friends got involved is because that's what friends do, you probably wouldn't know this, seeing that you don't have any.

Update 4:

I don't think dissing people got much money, look at how many times he got sued!

He once said at the end of his rap career he would have no money left due to law suits.

And with the "kill you" comment, it was a quote from a song.

Update 5:

@Die Rugged Man Die

I am sorry for missunderstanding your comment and insulting you.

although you have also missunderstood me, I did not call Ja Rule and germain dupri a "big player" I was reffering them to one of the weaklings. When he dissed them he was retaliating, after all, Ja Rule brought eminems daughter into the song (which was out of order, as I'm sure you'll agree).

also i do not idolise eminem.

I am a big fan of his, but unlike many of his fans he's not the only rapper i'm into.

Before eminem i listened to 2pac, biggie smalls, nwa, dr dre, snoop dogg, mos def, Dmx, ice cube, easy e, mob deep, Bone thugs n harmony, Busta rhymes, big daddy kane, twista, even a bit of will smith and so on... I got into eminem when i heard him on the 2001 album by dr dre.

And as to eminem calling himself a gangster, Name a song where he says he is one.

I can name two where he says he isn't: Say my name ft. nate dogg and xzibit and one day at a time.

I cant reme

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    technically. shady went mainstream after the sslp; recovery isnt his first annoying album, it just stands out the most cause its the gayest (you know having other mainstream artists ft and such). Since the sslp, eminem has been altering his style so that he grabs a larger fan base; some people like his joking style, others like his pathos approaches talking with fervor about his life, and others enjoy his songs against the government and such. Eminem has been trying to maximize his shock value. Recovery wasnt intended to annoy people, the primary goal was to make money, having the side effect of pissing off most of his fans (excluding 14 year old teenage girls). It is a fallacy and a misconception that most people believe he suddenly went mainstream at Recovery; he was mainstream long before that. Aside from that, he aint even a good artist; hes just over rated. Furthermore, Shady is not gonna kill anyone, he cant even beef with potential rappers without assistance, and if he chooses to beef, he aims at weaklings.

    ok first all, i was not aiming at insulting eminem in any way, I was simply commenting on your post; if you are gonna post a topic, why do so If you already are ready to reject what others have to say since you have made up your mind about this. You people are insulting me as if you were offended by my comments (only a real eminem fan would take this the wrong way) first all, ja rule, jermain dupri, mariah carey, whoever else he beefed with are weak, and if you claim that they are not weak, you definitely are birdbrained. Dont tell me that ja rule was a decent contender, germain dupri is a joke, and mariah carey. The only decent contender was Canibus.If you analyze that beef, canibus was alone writing disses where as eminem had a bunch of people, includng Proof and the rest of D12; read up on it. Canibus's diss were original, he invented great insults with good lyrical content. Even though Eminem's insults were amusing, all he really did is take what Canibus said to him, and turned it the other way around (not at all original). Some eminem disses revolved around (Canibitch, canishit, canisuck. not clever at all, he would imitate canibus's voice and other cheesy stuff.) Even though the beef was technically a draw, Bis definitely beat eminem lyric wise whereas people may say that eminem won since because he had a much bigger fan base. You also imply that Canibus attacking him first? his verse from "phuku" was never even confirmed as a dis, eminem was just so hot headed that he took it the wrong way and so he and Proof started being retards. And so, disses were being exchanged for months, but you notice that Canibus would target both Proof, Jimmy, and Eminem and others who were with Eminem in the same song where as it would take Proof and Eminem to dis Bis; no doubt that Bis was outnumbered. Eminem's dis tracks were also so very shallow, he would constantly resort to jokes that were overly redundant. Once again im not inculding germain, mariah carey, and ja rule in here cuz they are weak, the only real contender is Bis. And by you saying “The reason his friends got involved is because thats what friends do, you probably wouldn't know this, seeing that you don't have any" why are you becoming subjective, there is no correlation or any sort of relevancy between my friends and eminem's friends, this makes no sense and it is insignificant; only an uneducated overly passionate insolent fool would say this. Furthermore, while you were insulting dear ana.. you clearly stated that if eminem takes it as an insult, then so do you? What are you 11? You gotta grow up and stop idolizing, use your own intuition and think to yourself; do not agree with such a thing simply because Eminem would. And to also mention the suing, remember when his "racial slur mixtapes" were discovered in his basement. and i know that "kill you" was from his song.. you simply misinterpreted what i said; are you still in 7th grade english class? Lemme tell you about eminem, hes not a gangster, he just hangs around some, which makes him a poser, and makes you an even bigger dick rider for defending him like this. I will not argue this since you guys are being biased and ignorant in this dispute, and it is futile to convince y'all.You guys know that i am right but you fear that if you acknowledge what im bring to the table , you will realize that all those resources you invested into relishing eminem would go to waste; you resist something that will change what you have already been used to. I have listened to Eminem songs, not because I like them but so that I know what I am arguing up against. You guys are simply hating me just because I don’t like Eminem and you guys do. vanilla>Eminem, hes original and somewhat oldschool.PJ you are an uncultured imbecile. get off my dick and get off the bandwagon as well. may have been"hard"before but that does not change that fact that he been mainstream for quite some time now and hes overated

    Source(s): the difference between you and me is that, i criticize and dont reject whereas you assume that i reject while you criticize and reject
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  • Jack
    Lv 4
    8 years ago

    Basically he has got older and matured because he is nearly 40 and will sound dodgy dissing celebs so Recovery is just different. TBH it's actually quite good, better than Encore and Relapse. Some people though just think he has gone mainstream, I admit that LTWYL was overplayed and overrated but there are some quality songs like Not Afraid, No Love, Talkin 2 Myself, Space Bound and 25 To Life. Since The Eminem Show, there has been no pleasing some so called Eminem fans because that is what a lot of people on here go on about "ohh he rubbish now and should go back to SSLP MMLP and Eminem Show. It's annoying and he is just matured now and if you actually listen to Recovery it is actually good.

    Also how can it be mainstream when everyone knew who he was back in SSLP years.

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  • 8 years ago

    Eminem simply matured. he didn't become mainstream or sold out, he just matured. Think about it: his earlier work was a lot of toilet humour and rude words, and who loves that? The kids that's right? After all the fun and all of the jokes about his formal life, maybe Marshall just wanted to display the true darkness of his early life. In previous records, his hard life was simply a joke; but now, it's real.

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  • Jeremy
    Lv 4
    8 years ago

    Artists change. Do you really expect someone who comes off of drugs to rap about the same things they used to? If they do, then they're fake. So he can't win either way. Also, he's already made album after album promoting violence and just straight aggression. So why do you expect him to keep doing that? Jesus christ.

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  • 8 years ago

    He is just adapting to the stupid teenage audience that controls the remote these days. Taste in hip-hop in the mainstream is different now, and he's just trying to make money. I wouldn't call him a sellout.

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  • Elm
    Lv 6
    8 years ago

    Vanilla ice>eminem tbh

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  • 8 years ago

    maybe i'm naive, but i genuinely believe he just put out a sh-tty album and thought it was good.

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  • 8 years ago

    @dierugged him makin jokes abt pop stars wasnt him beefing. him beefing was when ppl actuall said **** abt him in songs and then he retaliated and straight shitted on them. u would kno if u listen to his stuff before u tlk shi t. and he was actually violent. he has gotten arrested for actually shootin ppl with his friends before he was famous. so kno wat ur tlkin bout before u do it

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Eminem is today's vanilla ice.

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