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Erica asked in HealthDiet & Fitness · 8 years ago

How to loose weight by summer?

Okay, i just turned 15 and im pushing 200 pounds. I always say i want to loose weight and when i try, i give up. I just can't stay positive. I really want to loose weight but i keep giving up because there is no one but myself to cheer me on. How do i stay positive? By the way, Im 5'2. I have a muffin top that i would like to really really loose. I want my chin fat gone, leg fat, arm fat, and stomache fat. Basically all fat gone. How do i do this, stay positive, and eat right? I always eat bad. But i try hard not to its just the craving. My dad has made salad before, but slowly i start eating other things and its became a regular thing eating bad again. Thank you to however is willing to help me. I really appreicate it. <3.

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  • 8 years ago
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    I'm 15 and losing weight too!! I've tried and failed so many diets, and this is what has worked:

    -eat slowly, chew thoroughly, and take breaks between bites. Set down your fork and sip some water. All these tricks will make you feel fuller.

    -drink LOTS of water; your first few pounds will all be "water weight" so it's a great way to start! Water keeps you full, hydrated, and healthy. Great for your skin too.

    -pay attention to how full you feel. When I was hungry, I used to make huge "snacks" that were more like meals and just wolf down the whole thing without stopping for air. Instead, tune in every few seconds and think about how satisfied you are. Starting to feel full? Leave the food, do something else, drink some water. It's okay to leave food on your plate. (And if you're hungry for something later, you can always finish it!)

    -stop eating after a set time at night; I like to do 8 PM. Your body struggles to digest food whilst you're sleeping, and besides late-night snacking can be the worst snacking. People have lost up to 20 pounds by making this change alone. Going to bed hungry can be hard, but you'll wake up feeling so much better.

    -if you're hungry, there are some great low-calorie option "quick fixes": fruits, vegetables, soups (not the creamy ones! vegetable soups), warm tea.

    -you don't have to completely eliminate everything. If you have a weakness for Ritz crackers, allow yourself to (slowly!) eat a few every day.

    -this may sound weird, but when I'm trying to avoid being tempted by a food, I make a gesture with my hands (kind of a "no!" gesture). For whatever reason, this physical action always works for me.

    I hope this helps and GOOD LUCK!!

    Source(s): Lost 12 pounds, 12 more to go :)
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  • 8 years ago

    Don't worry you can do it!! the first thing you need to do is start eating healthy, instead of drinking soda drink water or milk. and stay away from anything that screams "Junk Food". when you're hungry and need something sweet, eat an apple or pear. you should also exercise, too. running is by far the best way to loose weight fast. if thats too much then start out with walking and gradually move to jogging and then running.

    its not impossible, you've just got to work hard and stay motivated!!!!

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Okay, you're going to have to make a chart or a schedule to keep you on track.

    & make sure you DON'T let yourself get off track, remember how you'll look in summertime with your bathing suit on! (:

    first: it's not just eating healthily, you will have to exercise, too. make a chart for exercising that looks something like:

    Monday: run 2 miles and do 50 sit-ups when i wake up & before i go to bed

    Tuesday: run 1 mile and do 30 sit-ups when i wake up & before i go to bed

    Wednesday: run 2 miles and do 50 sit-ups when i wake up & before i go to bed

    Thursday: run 1 mile and do 50 sit-ups when i wake up & before i go to bed

    Friday-Sunday: run 5 miles (total) and do 200 sit-ups (total)

    (^^so you can alternate days on the weekend and pick how many u wanna do each day)

    but STILL REMEMBER, do NOT break the chart!

    next, you will have to eat healthier, i'm not saying a strict diet (maybe once a day you can have a little snack of your choice- but make sure it's not too unhealthy)

    make a chart for eating, too:

    Monday- breakfast: 300 calories

    lunch: 300 calories

    snack: 100 calories

    dinner: 300 calories

    Tuesday: breakfast: 300 calories (and so on)

    (you can switch around the calories but you want to keep them to add up to be a number lower than 1000 or at 1000)

    (& this will also mean you will have to check the number of calories on things before you eat them, if it's something you make, go to or any other site to help you)

    and finally, this may not sound important, but make sure to get the right amount of sleep each day!

    when you are sleeping, your body is digesting your food, if you don't get enough sleep and it can't digest, than it will stay there and not digest right.


    don't eat fast.-you will feel hungrier because you will be swallowing food faster

    if you're going to skip a meal, NEVER skip breakfast.- people think that not eating breakfast will make them skinnier but it makes you fatter, because since your body is just waking up, your stomach becomes hungrier and will start keeping all the un-digesting food in there to try to make it feel full. so when that food doesn't digest, your body doesn't get it's nutrients and it messes up your stomach, too.

    do NOT stop eating.- if things come to worse, don't just stop eating, because it will have the same effect as you skipping breakfast.

    i hope i helped, e-mail me if you need anything else:

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  • 4 years ago

    good. dont begin approximately energy. theyre truthfully the degree of ways so much power is in what you consume, in conjunction with the carbs and such. as an alternative, prohibit sugar. make certain you deal with your self as soon as per week. for those who reduce to rubble do whatever you hate to type of punish your self however dont stress your self. dont exercise an excessive amount of considering muscle weighs greater than fats does. almost you'll lower a bit of bit however make certain you consume ample. end result n vegetables. much less meat truthfully does support you reduce weight. thats why so much vegans are thin as a stick. i am hoping this is helping reasonably :D

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Drink lots of water. Cut out sweets/snacks. Go for walks. Do it for you! You won't regret it. You will feel so much better about yourself when you start losing the weight.

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