My mom caught us having sex and now she won't let us see each other?

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My mum caught me and my boyfriend, Adam, having sex and now she's banned me from ever speaking to him. She's strict at the best of times and its impossible to live with her. more
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  • Emily answered 2 years ago
At 19 you can't possibly know for sure of anything yet what your future entails. You have a whole life ahead of you and until then your mom wants you to work hard to achieve your goals and dreams. Your boyfriend is only 19 so he could go to college at anytime.

Your mom had every right to be upset, because she caught her daughter having sex and she has to set boundaries and make sure that you follow them so that you don't lose respect for her.

If I were you I would just do what she says and follow the rules until she can regain trust in you and perhaps she will let you see your boyfriend again.
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  • Amz answered 2 years ago
    Well you probably broke her trust a bit here.. and catching your own daughter having sex is pretty shocking no matter what age...

    In less than a year, you'll be 18 and you can move out then. Until then, try to make the best of the situation..

    If this is someone you want to marry... then that's your decision, but just understand from your mother's point of view that she may never truly get over this... and my always have some distance towards him.. But in time, it would get better.
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  • Melo answered 2 years ago
    Dude you disrespected your moms rules by having this guy over for sex! You need grow up some more apologise to your mom and tell your man he can't come around for a longtime. If you want your mom to take you seriously then act like a mature grown up but by leaving home cos of moms rules proves that you are still in nappies!
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  • seamus answered 2 years ago
    you're not going to like this, but as long as you're living under her roof you have to accede to her wishes !
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  • Jack Ripper answered 2 years ago
    It sounds like your mother knows you well. See, you still want to contact him, even though it's clear she doesn't want that. You'll just have to wait this out and actually decide to do what she says before you get your stuff back. In a year you can screw him all you want.
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  • Natalie answered 2 years ago
    Next time, have sex somewhere she can't catch you.

    but until then, it is right of her to be a lithe upset, i mean she caught her daughter....imagine how awkward that is for her. I know how tough that must be for you, but just respect her wishes and in 1 year (or less) you are off on your on because u will be 18!
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  • Candy answered 2 years ago
    well look at it from your moms side. watching your daughter get ****** is pretty ******* weird. but just know that your parents will always love and your only 17, he might not always love moving in with him could be a disaster.
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  • Deirdre answered 2 years ago
    Don't do anything stupid until your 18, so that he doesn't get in trouble also
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  • Turtles answered 2 years ago
    What do you expect her to do? e.e She. Caught. You. having. Sex. is she supposed to just let you do whatever the f*ck you want? Common sense.
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