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Pregnant Ex-girlfriend's friends and parents are awful to me. How can I fix this?

Sort of complicated situation. My girlfriend (former now) found out she was pregnant in early October of last year. We talked about what to do about it and she really wasn't crazy about giving it up or terminating. I think either of those options would have been better but she ignored me. I wanted to be there despite my reservations and be responsible so I stuck with Sarah. Around Thanksgiving it got to the point where we were fighting all the time. She was being clingy and paranoid and I wasn't maybe as mature as I should have been. We decided to break up in late November. It was a hard decision b/c we had been together for almost two years and the pregnancy but I think it was best for everyone.

In December I started to hang out with this new girl who is awesome. She is fun and calm and caring and we get along great. We started like officially dating like three weeks ago. Since this happened my ex's friends have been basically evil to me. They have called me all sorts of terrible things and just generally tried to make me feel like garbage. Sarah's parents talked to me a few days ago and really tried to guilt me I guess and it was just awkward. They told me they were disappointed and they thought I was a better man than this.

I still talk to Sarah like once or twice a week and help out from time to time with preparing for the baby. Like I've gone with her to doctors appointments after the break up and I think we are at a good place now. Sarah is not even as mad as her friends. I don't think she is thrilled with me dating someone else but she hasn't yelled at me like everyone else. We have even hooked up (I know its cheating on my girlfriend and its wrong and I won't let it happen again) a few days ago and she didn't seem like she hates me or anything.

How can I get my ex-girlfriend's friends to back off and stop harassing/abusing me and how can I fix my relationship with my baby's mothers family? I'm going to have to be involved with all of these people for a while because of the baby and I would rather get along.

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    Man the fk up

    Yeah she was chingy and paranoid she is hormonal, hello she is pregnant

    U are trash, ur immature illresponsable and stright up stupid

    That and they need some1 to blame, a scapegoat and ur the ovious choice, so suck it up and prove them wrong by being there for her and also it's madding as hell to find out your with another woman who btw does she know your gonna be a father? So keep that stuff to your self

    No u don't have to marry her but u to have to grow up and be responsible now

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    very nicely you dumped this woman the day till now immediately and you're merely now finding out she's pregnant and has already moved on on your ultimate chum? forget approximately that b**** and tell her you will see her for a custody listening to in courtroom.

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    8 years ago

    Marry her

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Umm how do I say this nicely, YOUR SCREWED

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