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NFL 2012-2013 season playoff predictions?

I wrote my Regular season predictions so now I'm going to write my playoff predictions (Scores) of next season.


1st seed New England Patriots(14-2)

2nd seed Baltimore Ravens(12-4

3rd seed New York Jets(11-5)

4th seed San Diego Chargers(10-6)

5th seed Pittsburgh Steelers(10-6)

6th seed Houston Texans(9-7)


1st seed San Francisco 49ers(13-3)

2nd seed New Orleans Saints(12-4)

3rd seed Detroit Lions(11-5)

4th seed Philadelphia Eagles(10-6)

5th seed Green Bay Packers(10-6)

6th seed Carolina Panthers(9-7)

Wild Card Round (Week 1)


Houston Texans 17 New York Jets 31

Pittsburgh Steelers 21 San Diego Chargers 23


Carolina Panthers 14 Detroit Lions 38

Greenbay Packers 28 Philadelphia 31 (OT)

Divisional Round (week 2)


San Diego Chargers 17 New England Patriots 13 (Upset win.)

New York Jets 24 Baltimore Ravens 27( Billy Cundiff actually makes this field goal).


Detroit Lions 28 New Orleans Saints 35

Philadelphia Eagles 21 San Fransisco 49ers 24

Conference Championship


San Diego Chargers 14 Baltimore Ravens 28


New Orleans Saints 7 San Fransico 49ers 10

Super Bowl.

San Fransico 49ers 17 Baltimore Ravens 13

The 49ers go on and win there 6th Superbowl. (6-0)

Alex Smith improves Jim Harbough gave him another chance this season and he proves himself.

These are predictions so no comments saying how it will never happen.

Please leave your predictions below if you'd like.



The reason I did this is so I have it down and yes out of complete boredom.

I also spent quite time finishing the ranking for next season to,http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AsOI6...

So if I get any of these right I have it right here.

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  • 9 years ago
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    1st seed New England 12-4

    2nd seed Baltimore 12-4

    3rd seed Houston 11-5

    4th seed Denver 10-6

    5th seed Pittsburgh 11-5

    6th seed NY Jets 10-6


    1st Greenbay 12-4

    2nd New Orleans 12-4

    3rd NY Giants 11-5

    4th San Fran 11-5

    5th Atlanta 12-4

    6th Detroit 11-5


    NY Jets beat Houston

    Denver beat Pittsburgh

    NY Giants beat Detroit

    Atlanta beat San Fran


    New England beat NY Jets

    Baltimore beat Denver

    Greenbay beat NY Giants

    Atlanta beat New Orleans


    Baltimore beat New England

    Green bay beat Atlanta


    BALTIMORE RAVENS BEAT GREENBAY PACKERS (Baltimore no longer has cundiff at this point)

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  • 9 years ago

    Your AFC scenario is actually impossible. If the Patriots take the #1 seed, the Jets CANNOT get higher than the 5th seed.



    1. Patriots (14-2)

    2. Ravens (13-3)

    3. Texans (11-5)

    4. Raiders (9-7)

    5. Steelers (12-4)

    6. Colts, if Peyton Manning comes back healthy. (10-6).


    1. Saints (13-3)

    2. Packers (13-3)

    3. '49ers (12-4)

    4. Eagles (11-5)

    5. Lions (10-6)

    6. Giants (10-6)

    Wild Card Round:

    6. Colts OVER 3. Texans (again, this is all depending on Manning, who Houston just can't beat)

    5. Steelers OVER 4. Raiders

    3. '49ers OVER 6. Giants (motivated by revenge)

    5. Lions OVER Eagles (gotta have an upset)


    1. Patriots OVER 6. Colts

    2. Ravens OVER 5. Steelers

    1. Saints OVER 5. Lions

    3. '49ers OVER 2. Packers


    1. Patriots OVER 2. Ravens

    1. Saints OVER 3. '49ers

    Superbowl XLVII

    Patriots over Saints.

    So this is my third year in a row predicting a Patriots-Saints superbowl. I figure if each of the first two years one of the teams made it, this time it's going to happen all the way.

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  • 9 years ago

    Nice one Ben!

    Let me first say that calling next season before free agency and the draft is NUTS and only for people who like throwing feathers at a dart board. But a wager is a wager!


    1st seed New York Jets (15-1)

    2nd seed Houston Texans (12-4)

    3rd seed Denver Broncos (10-6)

    4th seed Pittsburgh Steelers (10-6)

    5th seed New England Patriots (12-4)

    6th seed Cincinnati Bengals (9-7)


    1st seed Green Bay Packers (16-0)

    2nd seed New Orleans Saints (14-2)

    3rd seed Philadelphia Eagles (11-5)

    4th seed Seattle Seahawks (10-6)

    5th seed New York Giants (10-6)

    6th seed Detroit Lions (9-7)

    Wild Card Round (Week 1)


    Denver Broncos 27, Cincinnati Bengals 10

    New England Patriots 35, Pittsburgh Steelers 31


    Detroit Lions 27, Philadelphia Eagles 12

    Seattle Seahawks 17, New York Giants 0

    Divisional Round (week 2)


    New York Jets 24, New England Patriots 21

    Denver Broncos 22, Houston Texans 13


    Detroit Lions 32, Green Bay Packers 31

    Seattle Seahawks 14, New Orleans Saints 10

    Conference Championship


    New York Jets 27, Denver Broncos 9

    Seattle Seahawks 28, Detroit Lions 6

    Super Bowl.

    Seattle Seahawks 24, New York Jets 13

    (This is assuming the Seahawks get Peyton Manning. If they don't, insert 49ers where you see Seahawks)

    Source(s): www.bible.com Winner of my fantasy league this year..
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  • 9 years ago

    What about this?


    1. Steelers (14-2)

    2. Patriots (14-2)

    3. Texans (11-5)

    4. Chiefs (10-6)

    5. Ravens (12-4)

    6. Dolphins (10-6)


    1. Falcons (14-2)

    2. Packers (13-3)

    3. 49ers (12-4)

    4. Cowboys (11-5)

    5. Saints (13-3)

    6. Giants (10-6)

    Wildcard Playoffs

    6 Dolphins lose @ 3 Texans

    5 Ravens lose @ 4 Chiefs

    6 Giants win @ 3 49ers

    5 Saints win @ 4 Cowboys

    Divisional Playoffs

    4 Chiefs lose @ 1 Steelers

    3 Texans lose @ 2 Patriots

    6 Giants lose @ 1 Falcons

    5 Saints lose @ 2 Packers

    AFC Championship: 2 Patriots win @ 1 Steelers

    NFC Championship: 2 Packers lose @ 1 Falcons

    Superbowl: Patriots defeat Falcons

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  • 9 years ago

    Pats and the jets cant be the 1 and the 3 seeds, they are in the same division

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Jets, Chargers and Steelers ahead of Texans? Looks like somebody needs to lay down the crack pipe.

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  • 9 years ago

    a little ahead of yourself, eh?

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  • Sundi
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    9 years ago

    man WTF are you that bored? I wish I was taking classes I would send you my assignments

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