LCD tv making buzzing noise?

Right I have a 3 year old LCD tv that has just developed an annoying buzzing sound. Sounds like a spectrum loading a game.

I have taken the back off and blew away a lot of dust in case it was a fan issue.

Now when it is on analogue setting there is no noise but when switched to freeview/digital it hums.

When the back was off I located the sound to be on a circuit board with a large coil and hot and cold written on the board. The coil wasn't loose but seemed to be coming from there.

Also, the built in DVD player is acting up but this may be a separate issue.

Any views please? The analogue, free view bit is confusing me.

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  • 9 years ago
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    mine done this i know it isnt a technical answer but i hit mine and the buzzing stopped, the noise happens when i have a DVD in it and again i just give is a brick smack and BAM the noise stopped :)

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  • brobst
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    4 years ago

    The grounding preserve on the television coax is appearing as an antenna. attempt 3 issues : a million) Get a pc grade surge strip. pc grade surge strips have warm-to-floor, warm-to-impartial, and floor-to-impartial suppression. more lower priced surge strips in straightforward words have warm-to-floor suppression. Plug each thing into one strip. 2) substitute the coax cable for one which is a more than a number of length. Shorter is extra likely to help. 3) The output impedance of the television audio and the Stereo received't be matched. in case you look on the audio device they're going to say "8 ohms" or '4 ohms" this tournament also applies to the television sound out vs the stereo enter. in the adventure that they don't tournament pass to an electronics save and observe what they have were given to remedy the priority.

  • Minnie
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    9 years ago

    Replace the power supply. You have a noisy transformer. You can try hot gluing it first.

  • khalil
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    9 years ago

    on power supply board there is a switching transformer with ferrite core,its core is loose...tighten it.

    you may use acrylic glue. more current more noise.

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