Sisters going to the gym?

Hi, im a girl and there's a local gym near me and its really cheap BUT, there's no hours just for women. its for men and women, so do you think i could still go but just dress appropriately? (e.i wear a hijab and baggy clothes covering me head to toe?)

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    9 years ago
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    No... mixed gyms are NOT permissable

    Common sense tells us that

    'bits' bobbing up and down... sweaty... Awrah...

    Islam is MODEST...

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    9 years ago

    Well, you're lucky to have a gym nearby.the nearest gym for me is at least 30 mins away, and it would be the dumbest thing in the world to drive out so far just to work out for an hour, when I could've just worked out at home

    Instead, I'm setting up the spare room of my house to being the exercise room, so to speak

    that way, I can wear whatever I want, look however I want,etc

    anyway, I think you're better off at home (which I know is a very unwanted thing for me to say)

    but I'd honestly feel nervous at a gym.

    I know people don't really care about the other people around them, and what they're doing

    but i just feel weird in a room with other people's sweat just floating around.

    i've seen some cute hijabi-friendly athletic clothes though

  • 9 years ago

    Assalam alaykum. See it's better you do it at home instead of attending mixed sessions and of course you can be 200% sure that that one can NEVER ever take care of 100% awrah and hijab in such an environment.

    Now that you are aware of it, why take those chances ? instead buy a treadmill and you can jog at home, it might be as costly as 3 months gym fees isn't it ? see things can be simpler if we would ourselves feel like taking care of Islamic rules and not just trying to find a way out ...... yes you have a good intention we're sure, but no matter how much care you take, there are numerous instances where awrah is effected ... like stretching or lying down and so on. Allah will reward you more if you paid more for another gym that has women only timings or if you just did it at home.

    Summary: Best if you did it at home, second best if you took care of baggy clothes and covering your head and try avoiding them mixed places as much as you could. Good luck !

    Edit: @Peace: wouldn't agree with the last sentence, it sounds incomplete, modesty is surely in the manners, attitude etc, but it is also a woman and a man's responsibility to know when and how he/she would appear immodest (which of course in the case explained by one answerer i guess sky is true) and act likewise instead of only supporting his act based on intentions only

  • 9 years ago

    Assalamu Alaikum, My sister in Islam.

    It will be better that your parents buy a exercise machine that can be used for several different exercises.

    If they can not afford then yes you can go to mens health club. I am sure you go to co-education school or a college. Just wear bagy clothes and hijab as you say. See that you wear pure cotton clothes because they allow air to pass though cotton so you do not get too hot. Under your shirt and pants wear long cotton T shirt. It may stick to your body from swating. But outwer shirt will not show it to people. Ask club manager to set a fan near you if there is no ceiling fan telling him that you have to cover yourself head to toe for your religion. So you need a fan while exercising here. They will give you a fan. If they don't have take a fan in your car and use it near you. $20 padestal would suffice. I think they will give you fan. If they make excuses tell them if you treat me well many more Muslim female friends of mine may start coming to this club for exercise. That should be enough to get a fan from them. Usually there are ceiling fans in health club if they don't have airconditioning and you may not need a fan for you.

    If some one tries to be friendly, do not encourage him to get close to you to try to be your friend. By your short answers he will right away know that you are not interested.

    I have been going to a mixed health club in my town. There is never a problem. No one bothers women/girls They all mind their own business. Lots of older and middle aged women go for exercise. Be friend of one of them to stay near her. Do not be alone in any exercise room. They always a woman or two to teach how to do exercise properly. Makes friendship with her and tell her to watch me. It is my first time to come to a male female mixed health club. She will take care of you. always use the exercise machine that is in front of the room so you are not in the back where no one can see you.

    Good Luck and May Allah protect you.

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  • Leila
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    9 years ago

    @Emily what does that have to do with gym?

    Anyway, sister, I'd be extremely uncomfortable working out in front of guys. If it's possible why not do it at home? But, if there's no alternative then yes, you should dress modestly.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Yes, sister. But wear appropriate clothing.

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    9 years ago

    I attend the women only sessions, but if you attend mixed sessions, then yes, you should wear baggy clothes that cover your whole body (and you must wear your headscarf too).

    You'll probably be boiling lol, that's why it's better to attend women's session - where you can take your scarf off and wear light clothes. :)

    Take care sis! :)

    Salam alaykum!!



    @Ryu: Sis, when we walk down the street, bits may ''bob up and down'' too, even when running to catch the bus or train!

    That does not show 'immodesty', since it is something we cannot control. It is like when wind hits against your clothes and shows your figure, you can't help it and you won't get sin for the wind making your figure apparent.

    Modesty in Islam is based on one's intentions, faith, manners & the clothes they wear.


  • 9 years ago

    All Im going to say is take your S.h.** of your head and face so we can see you and make sure you are not gona blow up the gym!

  • 9 years ago

    i'm not muslim but i've seen female muslim runners, swimmers, etc in events like the olympics and they have modest sports clothing. so i assume there must be companies that make clothing for this exact reason, so shop around and i'm sure you'll find something both comfortable, modest and sporty :-)

    try googling something like muslim women sportswear


  • 9 years ago

    What does that info have to do with your sister? Y would you wear a lot of clothes to the gym? You will be really sweaty

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