Are s3xier people generally meaner?

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Is it true that the s3xier a person is (male or female), the meaner they are - by that I mean they are more snobbish, more elitist, more self-centred, less friendly etc? Is that more
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  • Lisa answered 2 years ago
No, they'd be mean even if they weren't physically appealing.

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okay o_o
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  • MRA Warrior answered 2 years ago
    I haven’t noticed a good correlation. Very attractive people tend to be very confident. Sometimes this confidence translates into a good attitude and friendliness and others it translates into condescension. Very beautiful women, I have noticed, tend to be OK until you presume you’re good enough to date them. I’m not sexually interested in men, but I’ve had no problem getting along with very handsome guys.
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  • Call The Cops answered 2 years ago
    Of course. They've been perverted by their own beauty.
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  • Chanel Canton answered 2 years ago
    I think its itrue
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  • Bengy Olson answered 2 years ago
    I they no they r sexy yes if they deny it,not for Attention then they r prob. Kol
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