Don't you think Turks are whiter and more European than Italians,French, Greeks and even Germans?

I am a Turk and i am whiter than the average European. Many Europeans look Arabs.


Also white people originate from Khazar, a proto Turkic people.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Oh not you again. A selfhating Turk.

    Stop this stupid khazar-Turkic story, you ridiculize yourself.Accept who you are, get over your complexes.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    hmm... Interesting for people who has never traveled to or lived in Turkey. I lived in Turkey for years and most of the population that I had daily contact with DO NOT resemble the "white" that I know of. Funniest thing is that how a lot of Turks and even Kurds are so obsessed with the idea of being "white". They don't even look like the Mediterranean white that I've seen, and you know how the Mediterranean whites are darker compared to other parts of Europe.

    Some people claimed Turkey as a part of Europe:

    1. It's NOT a part of the EU yet

    2. Culturally speaking, it is NOT European (just because you have a few European architecture in your country doesn't mean your people's culture is European... I mean, there are some colonial European buildings in Africa and Asia, would you call them "European"?)

    3. Geographically speaking, only 4% of Turkey is in Europe; so that makes it 94% non-European

    4. Is Turkish part of the Indo-European language family?

    5. If you guys are really "white" then why do you guys have to keep telling people how "white" you are???

  • 9 years ago

    lol no most europeans do not look arabic. Arabs are a bit darker than greeks and italians. and no Turks are not whiter than germans. Hell Irish are the whitest. oh and guess what all northern europeans are proto nordic that includes turks.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Turks aren't White, both the J and E haplogroups are more common in Turkey than White European halogroups. Ive been to Turkey, most turks look Middle Eastern to me, very occasionally do you see one that could pass for a Southern European but thats about it.

    White people have nothing to do with Khazars.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    @Lisa "I'm talking about Muslim Turks and Arab looking Turks, they are not a part of the Turkish people, they are INVADERS AND FAKE ARAB TURKS! The REAL TURKS are WHITE EUROPEANS".

    So you are talking about 99% of Turks(98%muslims and at least 1 more % Arab looking). Keep the rest 1% and Turkey will be a country of 800.000 people. And why are Arabs invaders and not Turks? Turks come from central Asia.

  • W
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    9 years ago

    Turks are absolutely White (and a mix between European and Mid. Eastern).

    Appearance wise, some are super fair (I've seen some that could pass for a Northern European, easily), and some are darker and more Mediterranean looking.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Well many Turks are White Europeans, yes, but some are Arabs, those Turks are a disgrace to Turkish people and Turkey, and they need to stop associating themselves as being Turks. I'm talking about Muslim Turks and Arab looking Turks, they are not a part of the Turkish people, they are INVADERS AND FAKE ARAB TURKS! The REAL TURKS are WHITE EUROPEANS.

    BTW@ Psychedelic Templar, this person asking the question isn't me. I think it's someone copying me.

  • 9 years ago

    no actually its the other way around turkish people are mostly dark and the same with italians greeks and portugese and arabs they have very similar skintone ... and by the way turkish people are mixed and they are only turkic by language...... they majorty of the turkish people have arab genes then european genes then caucasian genes form the cacuases

    here is the genetic studies that shows

    Source(s): facts
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    The whitest people i've ever seen are Russians and Germans.It's hard to find the prettiest lady there, their complexion is unnatural and it makes them ugly, they should find help including you pel!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    no you dumass, it is only PERSIANS who are real whites and aryans, all Italians,French, Greeks and even Germans and turks are low minded semitic, they jsut look like white, Persians are the real whites.


    @ evey one: i know this guy, it is neither white or turks, it is a brown- semitic Persian with a lot of complexes.


    @khar: اونقدر خنگی که بعد 6 ماه هوز شیوه نگارش منو یاد نگرفتی چطور نفهمیدی این من نیستم بعدش من میگم این نژاد پرشیان کلا خره تو میگی نه.

    یارو هنوز فرق خزر و سخا رو نفهمیده، اینم از تو که کلا منو نامید کردی، کره خرای فارس قهوه ای پوست اسکل.

    امتحانات تموم شده دوباره سر و کلت پیدا شده؟ ولی از لج بازیت خوشم اومده.

    Source(s): and those proto Turkic peole were scythians, not KHAZARS you Persi donk.
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