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what is a flight stopover?

I have a flight booked for australia, and I chose the flight specifically because it didn't have any changes in flight at all. However, I just realised that it has a stopover in singapore? What does this mean exactly? I'm worried about being stuck in a foreign place all on my own as I've never travelled far without parents. Do I have to get off the plane, or is it just for refuelling? Help! :)

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    You're confusing a stopover with a layover. A stopover is when you actually stay in the city where your flight lands enroute to another destination which can vary in length of time. What you have is a layover, where you basically only stop for refueling or connect to another plane.

    If your flight to Singapore has a different flight number than your flight to Austrailia, then you will need to change planes. If both flights have the same flight number, then you will continue on the same plane. Whether or not you stay on the plane or are allowed to get off the plane usually depends on how much time you have between flights.

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    All flights from Europe to Australia has to make a refuelling stop along the way. Check with the airlines to see if you need to change planes during the stopover. If your stopover is about an hour, it is unlikely that you will be changing planes.

    During a stop over, the plane will be refuelled, the food restocked and there will be a crew change. The cabin will also be cleaned. You will be amazed how messy the plane cabin Can be after a 10 hr flight. Some passengers will disembark in Singapore and new passengers will join the plane. The cabin will also be cleaned.

    For the passengers the stop over allows them to stretch their legs and also visit a decent size toilet. You need not worry about the stop over in Singapore. Just remember the departure gate you need to go to for re-boarding. They will announce this just before landing in Singapore. There are signs all over the terminal and customer service personnel are available round the clock. Announcements will also be made for the boarding of your flight.

    The transit hall is like a shopping mall and you will find that time really flies. There are also a lot of rest areas for transit passengers.

    Make your way to the departure gates early. You will need to go through the pre-boarding security screening before entering the gate hold room. There will probably be a queue if you go late.

    Don't worry too much. It will be fine and enjoy your trip.

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    I do travel and tourism at college, the stopover is where the plane will stop at Singapore most likely for a refuelling stop and you wont have to get off the plane. However, sometimes you may have to get a connecting flight to get to Australia. But it should say on your booking form if you have a connecting flight or not. But if you are unsure I would go into your local travel agents to ask about it!

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    Usually if you have a flight stop-over it is just for a few hours. Basically, flight tickets are cheaper if they are broken into smaller flights, with connector flights included. Lots of people experience this when they are flying to Australia, and most airlines actually give you a free stop-over in Asia, with Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore the favoured destinations. Believe you me, it is actually better than sitting on a plane for 22 hours.

    If it's in the daytime, it will probably only be for about 2 or 3 hours, but if overnight, it will be for a bit longer. Typically, most major airports stop flights from 11pm to 7am in order to keep the noise down, but you will be fine there. Typically, you will want to sleep, and there will be seating areas or coffee shops with sofas, where you can do just that.

    Don't worry about being stuck in a foreign place on your own; Singapore is very safe, low-crime, and is very ordered. People there speak English, and there is a culture of patience and helpfulness among the people. If you need anything, there will always be somebody nearby who you can ask.

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    A stopover can be either a connection where you change planes or it can be stop where the plane lets off some passengers, some new ones get on, the plane gets refueled and you stay on the same aircraft to your final destination.

    Check your itinerary. If the flight numbers are different, most likely you will have to change planes.

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    A stopover is a layover.

    Look at your time of arrival and time of departure. Or call the airline. They will explain this to you.

    You are going to Singapore and Australia. These are both English speaking countres. You'll be fine. Customer service agents and Flight Attendants are there to help you with questions and directions. Always keep

    your head up, as that's where all the signs are located. Singapore is a beautifully clean country...the airport is nice and signs are in English.

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    It depends on how long the stopover is................. it could be 3 days in which case you will not be sitting on the plane............. it is likely to be a few hours, could be just refueling, check your information and see.............and if you are concerned then speak to the flight attendant and tell them you are concerned....they will make sure you are OK and safe...................................

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