If one Joint Tenant of a home dies, and Mortgage is in their name, can surviving tenant still make payments?

My Grandma just died and Im trying to get the legal paperwork together as best I can. Im on the Deed to the House as Joint tenants, but my grandma is on the Mortgage loan only. Can they take my house or can I continue to make the payments?

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  • 9 years ago
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    No, her estate has to go through probate. All of her debts have to be paid, including the mortgage. If the mortgage is her only debt, (no medical ones) then all you need to do is get a new mortgage in your name, and pay hers off with that.

    If she has other debts the house may have to be sold in order to pay them.

    Either way, her debts all have to be settled, including this mortgage.

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