How did Sherlock Holmes survive the fall on the recent tv series?

Did it have something to do with Polly? Did the cyclist that hit Watson have something to do with the storey?

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    9 years ago
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    I have scoured every second of this episode for hours and this is my solution in 10 easy steps.

    1. Sherlock asks his friend Molly to provide a body that looks slightly like Sherlock from a distance, hence the phrase "I need you." His brother Mycroft has hired out the street with government actors. He then plants the false story of Mrs. Hudsons shooting to get John out of the way, if he thought she had been shot, he would have gone in an instant, as he threw a man out of the window repeatedly for giving her a minor cut.

    2. Molly drops the body from the first floor window onto the ground, John doesn't notice because he's staring at Sherlock.

    3. Sherlock jumps from the building, into the bin.

    4. John mistakes the body for Sherlock's, and begins to run towards it

    5. The cyclist, (probably a member of Sherlock's homeless network mentioned earlier in the episode) knocks John over, rendering him unconscious for a few seconds.

    6. While John is down, the crowd of actors gather, and Sherlock swaps places with the body, the rubbish truck is then driven away by one of Sherlock's most trusted friends (possibly Irene Adler (The Woman))

    7. The crowd put fake blood on Sherlock.

    8. John begins to run again.

    9. Sherlock takes out the squash ball (which he has been seen bouncing against the wall earlier on in the episode) and squeezes it under his armpit, temporarily blocking the pulse in his arm.

    10. John can't find Sherlock's pulse, and the 'dead' body is taken away by the paramedics. Molly calls in a few favours at the morgue and Sherlock is officially announced dead.

    This explains why Mycroft is so unemotional at Sherlock's death, and is glancing through the paper to check that his idea worked.

    And there you have it, my theory in full.

    And remember, after the impossible has been disproved, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

    Source(s): Elementary, my dear. My brain.
  • 9 years ago

    I think it has something to do with Molly, the cyclist, and the place that Sherlock made John stand.

    My theory is that he did jump, but when he landed, he landed on something soft, a garbage lorry thing perhaps, John wasn't able to see him hit the ground because of where he was stood, and him getting there was delayed by the cyclist. As for the man that we saw dead on the floor, i suspect that when he told Molly that she could help him, they arranged to have a dead body put where he would've landed, maybe she did plastic surgery on it to make it look like sherlock.

    On the other hand all these theories might be completely wrong and when we saw him at the end he was just a ghost, but i just can't see that happening as i thought there'd be more than two series's..

    I hope i explained my theory properly there, i have a tendancy to babble on making no sense at all...

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    7 years ago

    After watching season 3, I found out that he hired the street walkers to help him trick john into thinking that his death was real. He made sure that john couldn't see the place where he would land if he were to actually jump and die. He made Molly find a dead body that looked just like him. Sherlock jumped, landing on an large blowup mattress thing. John tried to run to him but the bike rider knocked him over. Sherlock and his friends cleaned up the mess and Sherlock had to lay on the ground pretending he was dead. He put something in his armpit that made him momentarily lose his pulse so that john could feel his wrist nd there would be no pulse, creating the illusion that he was actually dead.

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    Sherlock did what they do when they make a movie: He used a hidden harness with a camouflaged wire attached to a special winch that is programmed to slow down the fall just enough to make the fall believable. Right before he hits the ground (while hidden by the dump truck) the winch breaks the fall and he can release the cable. The rest is easy.

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  • 9 years ago

    I think te lorry with the bags on that was right near him saved him he fell on that then voiced of and he knew that moriaty would send for him so put some fake blood everywhere then when John got called back to the flat about mrs Hudson he went round and you'd the hospital his plan? However I don't think that moriaty is dead either because there is a plan of a third series!!:)

    Source(s): I love the programme! Just guessing on what happened I mean the angle where John was standing he wouldn't have seen what was happening behind the building where it happened
  • 9 years ago

    People have been coming up with different theories to explain what happened. You can check them out here.

    But I guess we'll have to just have to wait until the 3rd season comes out to find out for sure.

  • Idk how but it really bothers me how on the rooftop as Sherlock talked to John he kept looking at Moriarty's body and talked as if he could hear. I wonder why was that? Could the assassins hear or Moriarty?

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    9 years ago

    When Sherlock visited his brother in the mountains, pre-party, he was rummaging through various items and found a little device that administered pure oxygen through a red rubber mouthpiece. Rather liking the invigorating feeling, he asked to have it for himself. The brother promptly refused. Later on, after Watson finished his story about the "death" of Sherlock, he receives a package, supposedly left on his doorstep, in the mail. The box contains the rubber apparatus, which apparently had been used as a makeshift scuba breathing device as Sherlock fell into the water below the castle. It is assumed that Sherlock stole the device, despite his brother's refusal, and used it to breathe as he escaped from the river.

    Source(s): I watched the movie. Excellent, Mr. Downey Jr.! (:
  • Apparently his body is switched and the ball stopped his pulse so he looked dead...

  • 9 years ago

    WOW Anthony's Answer!!!!!


    Source(s): MY EYES OBVIOUSLY! :)
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