Are phone sex operators essentially like prostitutes?

In the sense that they are paid to accept you for your sexual fantasies, preferences and fetishes?

I've been using a phone/webcam sex service for a few weeks, and I really feel I've connected with this one operator who is aware of my fetishes, and she says I'm cute, gives plenty of advice and chats with me even when I haven't paid for a session. Is she genuinely nice or is she seeing me as nothing more than a customer to entice in purchasing more phone sex sessions?

Also, are the operators genuinely turned on and aroused by the fetishes they discuss during a session or do they sort of grit their teeth with a paycheck in sight?

I feel cynical about the personality of this particular operator, in which see seems unusually nice, friendly and open-minded, and I can't tell if she actually enjoys this or is in this for the money...


Are psychologists and psychiatrists essentially prostitutes by that same argument? In the sense that while they are caring and friendly toward their patients, they simply expect a paycheck from the patient or write a Valium prescription to make money?

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  • 9 years ago
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    I suspect she may find you interesting, but is in it for the Dollar, nothing more and nothing less.

    Regarding if she is turned on...maybe, possibly not.

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    9 years ago

    As you've suggested they are essentially prostitutes, but that doesn't mean they don't have any feelings and don't at times have feelings for one of their customers. The one you mentioned who talks with you when you are off the clock certainly is thinking about other things beside money. She may enjoy your fetish - she may simply enjoy the sound of your voice - the way you speak - whatever, but if all she was interested in was your money she'd get off the call to you and get in line for the next caller.

    I'm an old guy now, but when I was 19 to 21 I was stationed in Japan. I struck up a friendship with one prostitute who really liked me. Yes, I always paid, but there were times when she spent a hell of a lot more time with me than that single payment covered. And I got in more than one sexual experience with her on several occasions - I took the time to learn what she liked and learned to time her orgasm and we met in mid-air on several occasions. And if you need me to explain what that means I'm going to climb through this cyber wall and kick your azz. lol lol

  • 9 years ago

    Its just a job for her. She is reeling you in like a fish, to try and get you hooked. Hooked, line and sinker. She may not be charging you now because she is trying to set you up. Sort of like a drug dealer may give you some crack 1 or 2 times for free, to get you hooked. You sometimes see this in Strip Bars, where they will stare at you, smile at you and you think they man I think she likes me. They are trained to do this, to separate you from your money that is. I would try a Party Line first where you may have a chance of actually getting some, than wasting your money and time on this. Remember they are trained to lure you in and make it seem that they genuinely like you, and the other 100 guys as well. She may even have a boyfriend, and the money you will be paying her will go to his pockets. I guess they could get off sometimes especially if they are real horny to begin with.

  • 9 years ago

    why cant it be both ???? --- no they are not like prostitutes ---- they sell a fantasy not sex ---- dont imagine there is anything more there ---- she is doing a job she may enjoy it but its still a job ---- she may be interested but she also be a very savvy businessperson and giving some freebies keeps you coming back ---- some may be turned on some may be totally cold ---- as long as you feel you get value for money thats all that counts ---- if she give you her private number then you have an idea its real --- but be aware she is probably nothing like the models they use to advertise --- have fun

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  • 9 years ago

    Of course she is doing it for the money! Its a job like any other, but aren't you in your profession because you genuinely like what you do? Some people dont, but we'd like to think that most individuals do. Also, I was once a cam girl, and I enjoyed talking to my clients snd fulfilling theit sexual fantasie. Sometimes I even orgasmed during my sessions! Best of luck with this cam girl, but beware of some of the scams that women run who do cam shows. Just dont forget one important thing: never have any communications with them outside of the website that they work for, nor western union them money, or mail them gifts......unless you really want to =)

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  • M.
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    9 years ago

    Prostitutes screw you for money.

    Phone sex women screw you out of money.


    In both situations, you are giving up money.

    But only in one situation are you getting anything for it!

    So, I say NO.

    Because a prostitute gives you something for your money.

    Why don't you just spend your money and take some local girl out on a date?

  • 9 years ago

    It's her job and some girls may enjoy it, but mostly for the fact that they are getting paid. She's just making you more interested so you can pay for her more. yes, just like prostitutes do.

  • 9 years ago

    all about the money they would do it for the 500 pound guy...old 80's song''don't fall in love she is a beauty'' lol

  • 9 years ago

    lol. it's their job dude im sorry. go find yourself a nice girl who isnt brought to you by something sexual :) they have to do that, or else who would use their service if they rejected you? lol.

  • Sean
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    9 years ago

    It's her job to please and make you feel special so your more comfortable opening your wallet. So yes theyre along the same lines as hookers and strippers.

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