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How do you think Sherlock Holmes Survived in the tv series?

He jumped off a building at the end and was clearly dead on the floor but right at the end he was alive how?

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    My theory: (revised watched again)


    It has been prearranged with Molly, his brother and his contacts within the homeless community. Sherlock dives off the roof and into a garbage truck driven by one of his brothers goons (am sure i spotted a flatbed truck pulling away) at same time a prepared smashed up corpse from the morgue with a latex Sherlock mask and garb is pushed out a lower floor window (by molly probably.)

    Watson is standing out of sight of the impact zone so never saw him hit the ground (Sherlock directs watson to stand in a particular place and keeps saying 'don't come any closer' sniper is also in same sight line to blow watson away.) Sherlock lands in truck and drives away, at same time as corpse splats. Public attention drawn to gory splat.

    He uses the homeless contact (the cyclist who looks like the graffiti artist) to delay Watson to the scene and crowd forms to block Watson. Parameds are employed by Sherlocks brother who feels guilty about betraying his confidence and has the power and connections to organise the body to circumvent ER (but produce documentation that it went through ER and death pronounced) and be scooped and taken directly to the morgue. Molly fakes the autopsy/paperwork. Moriartys corpse is smuggled into the morgue so the corpse 'account book' balances. Mask is pulled off and corpse is returned to rightful original shelf and Moriarty is buried in holmes grave.

    I don't buy the 'corpse thrown off the roof' as it's arms were moving whilst falling. So sherlock did jump.

    My interpretation closes some plot holes - but still silly however it's finally explained -

    - Most important: Watson is a doctor and not a total dummy he would have followed Sherlocks body through that hospital like a hawk. (which is why i initially thought sherlock climbed out of truck and lay on ground)

    - eyewitnesses see falling man land in truck stagger and collapse? Eyewitness accounts of how body gets to kerb (via a fall) must be consistent to prevent Watson digging deeper.

    - Why doesn't Watson spot a mask?

    - genuine paramedics arrive scoop him alive to get him into operating theatre where he is pronounced dead by sherlocks bros contacts? A corpse with a mask would never be moved because it is now a crime scene.


    any mask was not left at sherlocks 'you have something of mine' is maintaining the ruse of the computer code, Holmes would have presented any mask to lestrade.

    It can't be Moriartys body thrown off roof, there is not enough time to fit a convincing mask, wig and re-dress the corpse (moriarty wears a suit but corpse is in wine coloured shirt/scarf/jacket when it is rolled over by paramedic.) Plus how could Holmes remain out of sight supporting a corpse perfectly still on a ledge whilst on the phone and make its arms flap whilst it fell?

    Watson never takes his eyes off holmes so theres no time for any last minute ledge switcheroo. I maintain my assumption that a body was prepared and dressed much earlier by Molly and dumped out of a lower floor window.

    Edit@ Mcread

    How did moriarty fake his own death? He blew his own brains out?!

    If you're suggesting it wasn't the real Moriarty then I disagree, A great deal of the shows comedy/clues comes from Holmes 'showing off' by analysing the tiny details, he wouldn't be fooled..

    I thought it was setting up for the ultimate irony: bodies switch again in morgue and Moriarty being buried in Holmes grave. (newspaper headlines only mention holmes suicide)

    IOU is referenced at the end by Watsons speech at the headstone: 'i was so alone and I owe you so much' - moriarty felt the same way

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  • 8 years ago

    Near the end of the episode, Sherlock says to Molly that he needs her but you don't know what for. `when Sherlock is on the rooftop, he tells Watson not move any closer and to stay in a particular spot. He jumps off and you see a rubbish truck from where Watson is and you can't see Sherlock's body. What I think is that Sherlock dived off Bart's Rooftop and landed in the rubbish truck. Sherlock got a Homeless Contact to knock Watson over so he was delayed to get to the body. By the time Watson got to Sherlock, the police would not let him through even though he said that he was a doctor. Sherlock had put some fake blood on, jumped out of the rubbish truck and faked death. What I think is that Sherlock asked Molly to fake the autopsy and paperwork.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    In my view and I don't have any evidence but I believe that he jumped into a truck that was parked up with blue and white rolls of fabric in. This van quickly pulls away after John Watson gets knocked down by the bike. therefore sherlock gets away alive. It was important that Watson was standing in the right position so he did not see this landing and instead he saw a body that was made to look like Sherlock thrown from the van to the floor.

    This body would have been prepared by Molly (sherlocks friend from the hospital) hence the "I need you" line from the episode. Remembering that Molly works with dead bodies in the hospital.

    Have another watch. Lemme know what you think

    Source(s): My own theory
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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I have what I believe to be the answer to your question:

    Moriarty makes a mask of sherlock to use when he kidnaps the children; this is so whent the girl reacts to Holme's presence after she has been recovered it sows the seed of doubt in the police force's mind about his involvement in the crime:

    The mask is then left in Sherlock's flat and is the object that is reffered to in the line, "you have something of mine" then follows on the roof top a variety of quotations that I think confirm my theory; "I am you" for example. Moriarty indeed could "become" Sherlock with his creation.

    After Moriarty is killed Sherlock fits the mask and his scarf to him and throws him over the building instead of himself. Then Watson is hit by the cyclist maybe making his concussed, in his dellusional state he doesnt notice that it is not Sherlocks body on the ground, but Moriarty's. To make things even more convenient the hospital is the same one the scientits companion of Sherlock works in and thus she can make sure there are no leaks when the doctors find out the truth.

    Hope this helps!

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  • 8 years ago

    Nothing much to add except that it was likely a cadaver on the pavement - the eyes (pupils) were whitened over. This takes 3 hours after death

    The viewer only sees what happens on the rooftop through the camera so don't trust such license - If you watch only the scenes shown through the eyes of John and the marksman it all makes sense .

    The only thing that bugs me is why that girl screamed at Holmes .... Moriarty had a mask on to make sure Holmes was implicated maybe. I don't see what use the mask would be after that.

    Source(s): my aching head
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  • 8 years ago

    It has been prearranged with Molly and his contacts within the homeless community. Sherlock dives off the roof and into a laundry truck (am sure i spotted a flatbed truck pulling away) gets out and dives on the ground with some fake blood splashes.

    Watson is standing out of sight of the impact zone so never saw him hit the ground (Sherlock directs watson to stand in a particular place and keeps saying 'don't come any closer' )

    He uses the homeless contact to delay Watson to the scene and Molly to fake the autopsy/paperwork.

    I don't buy the 'corpse thrown off the roof' as it's arms were moving whilst falling.

    btw 3rd series was confirmed by writer Gatiss in a tweet minutes after the show

    Source(s): Protato - gave me the answer to my own question
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  • 8 years ago

    This is super long and probably repetitive, but anyway, this is my theory on how Sherlock survived (I typed it all out on a Word document, haha...):

    - Sherlock and Molly devise a plan to fake Sherlock’s death. Sherlock has Molly find a corpse that has the same height and build as himself, makes a Sherlock-mask to fit the corpse with, and dresses it up like himself. They add the necessary blood and other effects to make it look as if Sherlock had really jumped and sustained a dreadful impact with the ground. She also provides Sherlock’s fake death certificate and covers for his post mortem examination.

    - John arrives at the hospital and later receives a phone call from paramedics telling him that Mrs. Hudson has been shot. Sherlock does this so that John is lured away for enough time to allow Sherlock and Moriarty to solve their final problem up on the rooftop of St. Bartholomew’s Hospital.

    - Sherlock has probably guessed what Moriarty has planned and plays accordingly in order to ensure his and his friends' survival. Even when Moriarty kills himself, Sherlock knows he must continue with his “death" to save his friends.

    - When Sherlock and Moriarty look down, Moriarty notices some people below and mentions that Sherlock’s gotten himself an “audience.” This is, in fact, Sherlock’s homeless network (assuming that he's asked for their help) setting up the scene which also includes the truck that has parked in the front of the building.

    - After Moriarty’s suicide, Sherlock steps onto the side of the rooftop, possibly to signal his homeless network to lay out the fake-Sherlock-corpse and a mattress (or something soft) in which he will soon land upon.

    - John returns to the hospital after discovering that Mrs. Hudson is safe but is phoned by Sherlock. When John tries to get closer to the building, Sherlock firmly tells him to stand at a certain spot and stay where he is so that John does not see what is happening behind the truck. While they are talking, I think Sherlock tries to communicate to John that his death is fake, especially when he says that "it's just a magic trick." When Sherlock falls, the bus obscures the impact from John’s perspective, and John will be too shocked to run forward (Sherlock, after all, is the master of understanding human reactions).

    - Sherlock must prove to John that he himself is really dead but knows that John is a doctor and can easily distinguish how a person who has just died and a corpse that has been dead for days feels like. So Sherlock has one of his homeless network pose as a bicyclist to deliberately knock John over to: 1) disorient him so that when John finally gets back up, he is too dazed to really take in what he sees and feels and 2) allow enough time for the homeless network to take away the mattress and allow Sherlock to drive away on the truck (as seen when John kneels next to the corpse the truck is already gone).

    This whole day was really... depressing. I just kept thinking about the scene and everyone's reactions, especially John's. :( And how I am going to be slowly dying while waiting for Series 3 for Sherlock to show up again. Anyway, hope this helps!

    Source(s): Observation and lots of thinking. :)
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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    it'll be something right under our noses, that we did not observe, we saw it but we did not observe. anyway I believe in the whole garbage truck body from morgue theory but i have just thought of another one, now bear with me.

    the poison from a study in pink - if you chemically alter a poison correctly it becomes a muscle relaxant, just look at most painkillers, diluted poisons. Chemically altered poison to be used to limit the damage from the fall - maybe. or maybe full on poison, but paramedics on hand instantly to restart his heart. and Molly to fake a Post Mortem maybe even to restart his heart in the first place. I don't believe in this theory that much, but just putting it out there

    the answer is probably in season 1. i was watching the great game and something happened and i thought "that could be how he did it" can't remember what

    also theory about moriarty. in the pool he said "of course it is" so the guy calling him probably did not recognise the voice, so maybe that was not really moriarty.why would someone call moriarty then ask if it is moriarty (assuming that's what he said, there is a 95% chance) after moriarty said "hello" you would think the guy on the other end would recognise the voice, if it were him.

    Source(s): the voices in my head
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  • mrcead
    Lv 5
    8 years ago

    Both Holmes and Moriarty faked their deaths together. They planned it since the flat visit by M and the cab ride where Holmes had gotten the rest of the details - they both did the genius observation thingy - communicating without speaking - the entire episode - brilliant if you ask me. Well, Molly is the only person Holmes could trust. Watson was far too emotional (seeing a therapist) to trust and who would suspect Molly? Besides, she could easily fake a coroner's report for the pair of them. The last thing a genius wants is fame and Moriarty and Holmes brought each other out into the spotlight. Moriarty felt that he owed Holmes a "fall" (the IOU reference) so he could go back to obscurity since he drew him out of the shadows. Moriarty being a criminal mastermind, would certainly not want to be known world wide and could live with the death of his infamy - he could certainly create another persona at will.

    What we do know...

    In the books, Holmes faked his death so there's one clue.

    There is a 3rd season already in the works.

    The only thing that seems to "move" Moriarty is Holmes.

    A narcissist would never kill himself.

    Too many metaphors in this episode to be ignored (fairy tales, villains, "end of the story", IOU, communicating based on observation, the "fall", etc).

    Too many red herrings if not to cover up.... well a cover up.

    With Holmes, the main idea is the focus but the small details can be wrong (red herrings) but ultimately prove to be surplus to requirements.

    Moriarty has people everywhere, which was the point of his jaunt.

    Holmes could have fallen onto something that could have broken his fall and had staged the blood spill - Watson did not get enough time to properly check vitals like a distraught friend would (head to the heart despite being a man of medicine) before Holmes was whisked away.

    Molly could easily forge documents for the pair - who would question it - good riddance right?

    People seem to get hurt around Holmes and this complicates his life considerably.

    The camera work in Holmes is not to show "real life" but to show "perceived life" - ie, what they want you to see / think, viewers are supposed to use their brains whilst reading about / watching Holmes' adventures.

    There is always an emotional component with Moffat's writing. I am on the fence in regards to this....... for now.

    @ Protato - I don't suggest that Moriarty was a fake / double. As a narcissist, he wouldn't just very well kill himself (although the suggestion of an as yet to be revealed true Moriarty does have that Moffat twist to it but that would be silly to reveal that in a 3rd season). We are led to think that he blew his own brains out but the episode had been misleading us since the very beginning (or allowed us to mislead ourselves) and led us to believe that Holmes fell to his death. The entire episode has shown us that Holmes began to believe in his own legend and became sloppy - allowing people to get close to him and allowing the world to know of his existence beyond his small circle - something he did not understand nor could he begin to control. He faked his death (as the Holmes in the books did - after Doyle was pressured to bring him back of course) to gain a measure of control back. I personally believe that the man who proved to be Holmes' greatest rival has given Holmes his chance: Take him down and be bored forever or take his "fall" and start anew. The master manipulator Moriarty that led Holmes to that rooftop showdown simply killed himself when he knew full well that Holmes was a true wolf - as he had looked Moriarty in the eyes and told him as such? Doubtful. I believe it was all smoke and mirrors and with no exit wounds visible and our own assumptions betraying us from the beginning still active, Moriarty is still alive as the "death of Holmes and Moriarty" was his ultimate manipulation. Also, with no other eye witnesses to cement exactly what we saw atop that roof as fact.......

    Just my take on it.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Also the sniper would have kept the scope on Watson, who was knocked over at the same time Sherlock "hit the ground". Thus he would have seen a blur of a man falling but not actually seen him hit the ground.

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