would you consider a chavy lower middle class teenager to be a chave?

i think im 'lower middle class' because of ma area compared to the definite working class area neighbouring it.

i live about 5/10 miles away from one of the uk's poorest cities.

my house isn't that great inside (its about half way complete) and my parents are in debt.

what you think?


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  • 9 years ago
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    Hmm, there's little more to it than that, it's also how you behave.

    More "yes" answers you give, the more chav the person is -

    1. Do you often wear Sports Direct (and rival company's) branded sports clothing normally, yet you don't go to the gym, or play sports much?

    2. Do you count "exercise" as running from the Police?

    3. Do you wear baseball caps?

    4. If you have one, is your girlfriend 2/3 your age or lower?

    5. Do you drive (don't have to be the owner, bonus if you're not) a stereotypical boy racer car, bonus if it has been modified, eg. extra wings on the back (yet it's front wheel drive!), new wheels/alloys (so your Corsa or whatever looks so classy now), loud exhaust (bonus if it's just loud and no performance improvements) etc.

    6. Do you watch the Cop / Police / Camera shows to see your friends / family / self?

    7. Do you consider "Shameless" real / something to aim for?

    8. What's your drink - Stella / Fosters / Carling?

    9. Are you from Cheltenham with an average IQ?

    10. Are the Police always "harassing you" for things "you've never done"?

    Source(s): Being an island surrounded by a sea of chavs.
  • 9 years ago

    Im guessing you mean "Chav"

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