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Why some bookmarks redirect to

After re directing for awhile to, now some bookmarks redirect to !

I like change, but is somebody at Yahoo still taking care of these "bookmarks" widget? I'd like my links to redirect to the actual intended website, not to some apparently (?) random websites.

Would be nice to get an official reply... but it seems like even this "Answers" section is not monitored by Yahoo.


Thanks for the detailed answer.

However, I highly doubt is a case of hijacking. At least at local level. Same redirect happens on two computers, same browser, one at work, one at home, one is a Wintel box, the other is a Mac.

Trying to edit the links, or replace them with new "clean" ones, fails. First, the URL editing field is grayed out in the Bookmarks Mgr. And trying to delete/replace links results in the same redirect after updating.

To be clear, this happens when using the Bookmarks widget installed into one of MyYahoo pages, not in the Bookmarks Toolbar which I don't use. I've tried to contact Y about this but there's no response from them.

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    I have had the same experience. For me, the problem only occur with bookmarks pointing to secure sites (i.e., sites with "https" at the beginning of the address). In most cases, I have been able to work around the problem by replacing the original bookmark with one beginning with "http". (So, for example, I replaced a bookmarl pointing to: with a new one pointing to ). The web site knows it is a secure one, and automatically switches the address to one with "https," however changing the address in the bookmark resolves what I assume is a glitch in Yahoo.

    Unfortunately, there are a couple of sites where this fix does not work, so it would be nice if Yahoo would address the problem, or if someone else knows a better solution

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    At this moment, I'm using a leather Williamsburg, Virginia bookmark with a silhouette outline of Williamsburg's main street. I'm thinking of trying to find a battery for a dictionary bookmark I have, though, because the book I'm reading now (Double Negative by David Carkeet) was written by a linguist and I'm finding some words with which I'm only vaguely familiar. Now where is that stupid battery? (Then again, that dictionary is rather limited, so it may not be all that useful...oh, well.) Sometimes I use one of the many bookmarks I've made, usually with pretty pictures and nice sayings about reading. (I print them and then, most often, laminate them.) I confess I've never used a tassel, a banana peel (that could be nasty), a shoelace (too thick) or a dryer sheet, but I have used receipts, scraps of paper hanging around, clean tissues (thank God they're clean, right?), business cards and sundry other items. As I note: I love that saying: "Never judge a book by its movie." I guess I'd better make yet another bookmark. :)

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