How to sign if job centre without having a job?

Hi there I just want to know can you sign off job seekers even though you still havnt got a job they just don't help and I hate claiming peoples money and not making my own I've been doing a volunteering job at a charity store I kinda want to change that though to a wildlife park volunteering job and trying to sell landscape photos once I get my camera I just wanted to know if I can sign off quick and easy?

Just a quick question can you just post the booklet back to them instead of phoning or going in lol I hate facing them?

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    9 years ago

    Don't you realize how Benefit is funded? The National Insurance deductions you pay when you're working - where do you think that money goes. It is insurance that you get back when you register unemployed. You are complaining about claiming your own money.

    To sign off when you don't have a job seems rather foolish. Exactly how do you expect to live? Signing off JSA also disqualifies you from HB as the two kind of go together.

    What do you mean "they don't help"? They are not supposed to "help". It is you looking for work. All the Job Centre do is check your evidence of job searching before signing you on

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    There shoud be a number on your signing on booklet which you can phone, especially for signing off. If not, ring up your job centre and ask them, it is all pretty easy. Do it all officially though; by simply not going, you are creating a black mark against your name if you want to obtain any benefits in the future.

  • 9 years ago

    Just stop going. They will automatically sign you off. Thats the easiest way anyway :)

    It does not put a black mark against your name AT ALL. Ive done it twice before and never had a problem when i needed to sign on again.

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