brave war soldiers die so that fools could live?

There was a movie where someone said when asked why he didn't want to go to the war and defend his country and he said, "because I want to survive! You stand for a cause and you just get mowed down." He said, "look around you" (standing on a cemetery with 100s of dead soldiers gravestones).

So essentially, the brave and courageous who went to war to defend your country and freedom died, but who did they die for? The surviving people who stayed at home and they are the fools and selfish (possibly money-hoarding, greedy) people.

Going to war used to be a noble thing, dying for your country with valor....but isn't the truth just simply, you die, so that fools back home get to live and live selfishly and foolishly.

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  • Ronald
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    8 years ago
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    Good evening Calvin_0416,

    I hope your New Year is starting off great. I agree with you a 100%, who did they die for? In the past going to war used to be a noble thing, and dying for your country with valor.

    I was a poor kid growing up, but I believed in my country and the United States government/politicians. I worked hard as a young man. In March of 1967, I was going to (University of Southern California) USC, working nights as a (I.L.W.U.) Longshoreman, been married for four (4) years, and had my own business. I was earning over $20k/year. Today that would be equal to over $100k/year. I was a young man going places, living a good life, and on top of the world.

    I received a letter in mid-March explaining that I was reclassified to 1A. On April 14th, I received another letter from the President of the United States...."Greeting". I was to report on May 4th. In less than two months, I went from the top of my world to being drafted into the US Army. After eight (8) months of training, I received orders to report APO San Francisco for the Republic of South Vietnam. After all, this was my country calling for me to help.


    On the way to Vietnam, we landed in the Philippines to refuel. I saw these huge B-52 bombers in the distance. The bombers took my mind back to my grammar school days.

    The teacher would yell, "Drop!" We would all get under our desk and cover our heads with our hands. I often wondered why we were all down on that dirty floor. From what I had seen on television, this "drop and cover" would not have helped at all. I believed it was better to go quick from the first blast. I would hate to die later from eating, breathing, drinking or touching all the radioactive materials. I watched the giant bombers and realized, just from the size alone, I was right about the "drop and cover" drills. They would not have helped.

    STARTING TO GROW-UP AND SEE THE LIGHT. I also could never understand why politicians, on all sides, had all these bombs to blow up/destroy the EARTH over 100 times.

    THE TURNING POINT: In Vietnam I watched hundreds of soldiers die, while politicians on both sides argued and walked away from the negotiations table because they could not agree if the table should be round or square.

    Through the years, I have listened to politicians give reasons why they did not serve in the military, President Clinton, President George Bush, Dan Quayle, Dick Cheney, Joe Biden, and many others. I have listened to reasons why actors could not serve in the military John Wayne, Rush Limbaugh, and George Hamilton. I begin to feel like a “fool”.

    I have listened to politicians OUTRIGHT LIE and start wars which have killed thousands of soldiers. I have watched politicians make TONS of money creating wars while selling equipment, Halliburton and Bell Helicopter to name just a few.

    I have listened to Dick Cheney tell a soldier, “You go to war with what you have, not what you want.” Today I listen and see his daughter on television explain “We are pulling out of Afghanistan too soon”. Even after TEN (10) years, she cannot see the hurt on families and the number of soldiers who have died in that hell hole. WAR is way over her head, but she learned from her father, another politician who never served a day in the military. Now she is making money for her opinions on if a soldier should live or die in wars.

    I have watched politicians vote down funding for Vietnam Vets dying and suffering from chemicals, Agent Orange and others, dropped on them. Yet, again the politicians made BIG money.

    So why do today’s soldiers defend these so-called men/politicians? When I was in the military, my first pay check, paid in cash back then, was $78 for the month. Today’s soldiers cannot afford to speak out. The young people in my country are too brainwashed through Hollywood movies and lies told by a few politically controlled news media to see what is really going on. With the TWO PARTY system, the politicians have caused confusion thus dividing the American people. The politicians have passed laws to divide and conquer all.

    Today I see a new breed of politicians who have outsourced jobs in order for them, their families, their friends, and corporations to get unbelievably rich.

    I once had a huge argument with a good friend. I agreed corporations were treated as a “person”. He could not agree that corporations do not “Breed”. Today even foreign corporations can donate money to political campaigns.

    I wish you and your family a beautiful New Year. Peace, from Los Angeles.

    Source(s): People always ask me “Who won the war”? My answer is and will always be, “Go ask the dead soldier who wins wars”.;_ylt=AmIeR...
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  • 8 years ago

    Literally, I just wish that there was a forced 2 year military service when you turned 18 like in Israel all men and women serve their country for 2 years. People would have a different mind set, this country is way too selfish, and arrogant. We are the only country that our unemployed and people receiving food stamps are fat and overweight.

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  • 8 years ago

    Going to war knowing the risk of death for a " noble cause" ( personally I do not think religion, rascism and greed are noble) VS staying at home to be there for your family and avoid death.

    Who is the real fool?

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  • 8 years ago

    Personally i don't want to risk my only life on this earth because some politicians can't handle things diplomatically. It's naive to think you are protecting your own country by going to the middle east messing things up. You are only protecting a few peoples personal interests.

    @Fernando in finland you have to go to the army or you end up in prison. Hasn't solved many problems in this country, mate.

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  • 8 years ago

    there were people who went to war so that the opposing forces couldnt change our way of life. if it werent for them then the entire world would be under nazi control, or iraqi, or muslim. none of them died trying to make a difference, they died to keep things the same. its only the selfish, the cowardly, and those who are too stupid to realize the threat who didnt go to war.

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  • Dozo
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    8 years ago

    It is not brave to be forced to go. It is merely that: being forced.

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