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Anonymous asked in SportsRunning · 8 years ago

Can somebody explain the difference between Nike + iPod and Nike+ GPS?

I have an iPod Touch and plan to start using the Nike+ sensor pack including the receiver for iPod (£20).

I already have the Nike + iPod app, but I see there is Nike+ GPS as well for £1.49 or so on the App Store.

What is the difference? Basically I want to record results/km/miles ran, post on Twitter, interact with friends using Nike+ too.

Please bare in mind I have iPod Touch 4th Gen, not iPhone.


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  • 8 years ago
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    Nike+ GPS is a wrist watch you wear when you run that uses GPS signal to calculate distance. Nike+ iPod Touch uses a chip embedded in your shoe to communicate with the iPod Touch to calculate distance based on stride count. Each has its pros and cons...hope this helps. If you lengthen or shorten your stride, Nike+ iPod is less accurate. GPS works well in open country but in cities with a lot of buildings, the GPS is less accurate due to satellite signals bouncing off buildings. Hope this helps,

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