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What do you guys think when you hear of vegans, vegetarians, or pescatarians?

Just curious. Oh, and just from a pescatarian's point of view, not all of us (vegans and vegetarians, too) chose this diet for animal rights or economic reasons. So think before you say something stupid involving eating seafood, "that are also living animals" and not a cow.

But I'm just curious on what you think when you hear that someone is a vegan, vegetarian, or pescatarian.


Sorry, ^^; Pescatarians are people that only eat sea-food for meat.

Update 2:

@Meghan You are so empty... where is the joy in your life by the way, I love barbeques. And I use a tampon and pads, bathe, shower, and shave. Are you mentally suppressed? Or just a shallow idiot?

@Chubby The non-sea-food meat wasn't that hard to give away. I did it in a second, lol.

Update 3:

Oh, and my mom never gets farmed raise meat- whether she's getting beef, chicken (my brother eats those) or fish.

Update 4:

@Akash someone didn't read the rest of the answer...

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  • 9 years ago
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    Speaking as someone whose been a vegetarian for over a decade, I sometimes am off-put by others being any form of veg. It isn't that I want to feel special or anything like that, it is that in my age group (I'm 19, nearly 20) there are loads of people doing it because it is the "in" thing right now. They may respect animals more and the environment, but a lot tend to only last a year or two, then go back to eating meat. I've been seeing this since about the beginning of high school. When adults (like, over thirty-five) say they are, I have much more respect as they tend to have been so for a very long time and it is their lifestyle choice, not a trending statement to drop in a few months only to pick something else up.

    I think part of my issue is that I've been veg so long that I don't remember what meat tastes like, the smell of it (or even just overly greasy and fried food in general) makes me stick to my stomach, that I don't really have much of an understanding of it being hard to make the choice. I was seven when my parents gave me the ultimatum to either eat meat or go veg, them expecting me to eat meat, but even then they respected my decision and I haven't looked back since. Also, when I was a kid, I had bad experiences of food poisoning from meat too often so by the time I did become veg, the only meat I was eating was lean chicken (poultry, fine), so I wasn't really missing anything. I never had a rocky start with being a vegetarian since I'd already disliked chicken, so I've never felt any temptation to stray from my lifestyle.

    Once I get to know people who are veg, pes, or vegan, though, and I can judge there character a bit more, I tend to be able to pick out who actually cares and will care in the future, and who says they care but are really part of the trend (even if they don't even realise they are - many of my friends think they are "counterculture" by becoming it, when they really are just counter to one culture, but fitting into a trend of another).

    As for the reasons why do it, I understand those who do it for diet. I probably would have eventually done it for diet if I continued eating chicken since I wasn't able to eat beef or pork ever - never worked with my stomach - and I disliked seafood. Others doing it for health reasons I also respect. Basically any reason except it being a trend and I'm pretty much will respect you. (It may have become clear I have a bit of a pet peeve for those who do it because it is "in" and whatnot.)

    Also, adding this in, I dislike self-righteous vegans and vegetarians. They will ***** about being the only ones truly caring for animals - right. Most of you have only recently, as in the past five years, become vegan. You want to go into numbers? I haven't had meat for about thirteen years. Before that I had chicken maybe once a week, if that. Tried beef twice, pork once, shrimp once, and salmon once. That's it. I get non-fertilized eggs from cage-free, vegetarian hens from a local farm - I literally pick my eggs out. It is a small farm that doesn't have run-offs. If I get milk (which is rare), I also get it from them. They are nice, good people. They care for their animals and are a vegetarian, elderly couple. There isn't a leather product to my name. I don't smoke cigarettes, which means that even if you have a cigarette that is allegedly not from animal testing, they got product information from another cig company that did. You can take your self-righteousness elsewhere, because you are what is wrong with the veg community and who deters interested people away from it.

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  • 4 years ago

    As others have mentioned this is not a query it is an anti-abortion rant, and it does not belong within the food and drinks phase. I do not see any connection among the 2 disorders in any respect. I am a vegan and I aid a lady's proper to manage her possess fertility, by means of authorized abortion if birth control fails, because it regularly does. I have had an abortion. Years in the past I was once in a determined crisis and might see no wrong way out. I don't have any regrets approximately the resolution I took and on no account have had, even though I desire the crisis had on no account occurred . I can let you know that if I had now not been residing in a nation wherein abortion was once authorized I could have discovered a strategy to have that abortion someway. That is what occurs in nations wherein there's no authorized abortion and it's what occurred earlier than abortion was once legalised in different nations. Stories of backstreet abortionists and determined ladies self aborting with knitting needles, coat hangers and different implements are bad, however actual. Countless ladies have died on this means. It's poorer ladies who inn to such measures - good-off ladies have consistently been capable to shop for abortion, authorized or now not, and in spite of everything can have enough money to furnish for youngsters. The restrained lifestyles enjoy of folks who say 'security works, use it or would not have intercourse or cross forward with any being pregnant' is noticeable. What it is all bought to do with what I prefer to devour is past me. Another fine reply Prodigy.

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  • Neon
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    Vegan? Omg, someone like me! <3

    Vegetarian? Ohh, cool. They must be pretty cool.

    Pescatarian? I have no clue what that is lol

    That's what I

    @Meghan - I am a vegan, and I shave very often and shower every day. I use tampons. I have lots of friends (not "boring"). I get invited to restaurants and BBQ's all the time. They usually have beans or veggies or a drink "-___- or something there that I can eat. Hopefully one day you will realize how healthy our kind is, when you develop heart problems from your precious red meat. Also, you are close-minded and a complete moron, just saying.

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  • 4 years ago

    different things come to mind for each of thoes words ,for vegetarians i think they are generally good they are just like everyone else usually, vegans are usually pushy and preachy i think they dislike anyone who is not vegan or vegetarian. and i do not know what a pescaterian is even if i know the definition I dont know the people. it must be a stupid word vegans made up like breatherian.

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  • Akash
    Lv 6
    9 years ago

    When I hear that someone is a vegan,or vegetarian,I become happy for all the animals that that person saves during his/her life. I think about how many animals will be saved from excruciating pain,torture and suffering. I think about how much damage will NOT be done to the earth and that how much rainforest land will not be destroyed to make way for animal food harvest.

    I became vegan for three reasons:

    1.For my health

    2.For the animals

    3.For the environment.

    For health:

    A vegan diet is as good for humans' health as it is for animal welfare. There is no nutritional need for humans to eat any animal product; all our dietary needs, even as infants and children, are best supplied by a diet free of animal meat.

    The American Dietetic Association notes that a vegetarian diet reduces the risk of many chronic degenerative diseases and conditions, including heart disease, cancer, obesity, hypertension, and diabetes.

    1.Animal Products Lead to Heart Disease

    2.Cancer's Connection to Animal Products

    3.Meat Can Be Poisonous

    4.Factory Farming Hurts Animals

    5.Factory Farming Hurts Our Planet

    For animals:

    On today's factory farms, animals are crammed by the thousands into filthy, windowless sheds and confined to wire cages, gestation crates, barren dirt lots, and other cruel confinement systems.

    These animals will never raise their families, root around in the soil, build nests, or do anything that is natural and important to them. Most won't even feel the sun on their backs or breathe fresh air until the day they are loaded onto trucks bound for slaughter.

    The green pastures and idyllic barnyard scenes of years past are now distant memories.

    The factory farming industry strives to maximize output while minimizing costs—always at the animals' expense. The giant corporations that run most factory farms have found that they can make more money by cramming animals into tiny spaces, even though many of the animals get sick and some die.

    The industry journal National Hog Farmer explains, "Crowding pigs pays," and egg-industry expert Bernard Rollins writes that "chickens are cheap; cages are expensive."

    For the environment:

    Would you ever open your refrigerator, pull out 16 plates of pasta, toss 15 in the trash, and then eat just one plate of food?

    How about leveling 55 square feet of rain forest for a single meal or dumping 2,400 gallons of water down the drain? Of course you wouldn't.

    But if you're eating chickens, fish, turkeys, pigs, cows, milk, or eggs, that's what you're doing—wasting resources and destroying our environment.( )

    I'm not so pleased when I hear about someone being a pescatarian because that person indirectly kills fishes,prawns,crabs and other innocent and beautiful sea creatures apart from destroying the ocean and ripping it of its beauty and life(search for "trawling" on google).

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  • 9 years ago

    I don't know other reasons that someone would become a vegetarian or vegan, but those who DO become one many times seem to become fanatics and sort of "holier-than-thou" about their eating. I also agree with an (forgot the person) opinion that called the vegetarian movement a "first world indulgence". People in developing countries rarely eat meat due to economics, not choice, and it seems rather hypocritical for the West to produce so much meat for consumption then have so many vegetarians. The fact is, we CAN choose because we have way too much choice and no shortage of food. I also think the "movement" has gone overboard with the "raw" foods and fruits only, etc.

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  • Brook
    Lv 6
    9 years ago

    Pescatarians (and pollotarians): Oh, awesome! They know the terminology!

    Vegetarians: Okay, cool.

    Vegans: Hey, what's the best cheese sub?

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I think good for them, they can eat what they like :)

    With vegans I tend to admire their restraint. I tried it and failed xD so I really respect vegans.

    I'm a vegetarian myself so I understand that and I get happy when I meet a fellow veggie xD

    And with pescetarians I also get happy to meet as there aren't too many. I have to admit though, I really hate when pescetarians call themselves vegetarians :/ but you don't do that so you're good in my opinion haha.

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  • ?
    Lv 5
    9 years ago

    I think the same when someone tells me he doesn't like fish: I file it away for the future in case I invite them over for eating one day. Nothing else. Unless they are making a big deal out of it. Then I roll my eyes and avoid the topic because I can't be bothered discuss it endlessly. ;-)

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  • 9 years ago

    I don't think it is right to eat any animal, including fish, even though they are not warm and cuddly, and live under the water.. They still have the right to live. Fishing also hurts the enviroment, which is bad for all animals.

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