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Is it normal to feel this bad about yourself?

I've always been a shy girl and as the years have gone by i've realised that i also have social anxiety. The anxiety makes in near impossible for me to go out to bars or clubs because i can't handle being around so many people. I think that maybe i might come across as either stuck up or cold because i'm very quiet around people i don't know.

I also get depressed and tearful quite easily when i'm alone. I never cry infront of people and keep a lot of things bottled up inside. I only have a few people that i would call friends and i hardly ever go out at the weekend drinking or clubbing. I feel so lost and like there's no point in being here anymore. I hate my job and am paranoid that everybody secretly hates me. There was one coworker who i had talking about me yesterday and even though i know that she gossips about everyone it still hurts me, especially as she's nice to my face.

Another thing happened today that made me feel like a loser. I was supposed to be meeting up with a guy and i had to rearrange our plans but still said i was free today and we could still meet. Then he text me and told me he couldn't so i automatically think to myself i'm an idiot. It was my fault because i changed plans at the last minute and when he told me he was sorry about having to cancel all i texted back was "Ok. No worries". I can't even send a decent text message without sounding like a social retard. He didn't reply and i don't blame him. I've been told i'm attractive and i;m also still young (24) but i really feel like i'm never going to have a boyfriend because i'm too scared to be myself. I've only ever had sexual relationships which made me feel bad.

Is there really any point in me being around when i don't have much going for me?

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    Favourite answer,-Be-Funny-and-Mak...

    These articles seems pretty helpful. Some people just have shy/anxious personalities but if you pluck up the courage, you can talk to anyone. My personality is very different to yours as i'm not very shy and i'm quite vicious/wild o_o... but I can understand where you're coming from. You must be brave enough to talk to other people, don't be shy. Take the initiative to be the first one to open a topic and have a conversation. Compliment them, ask them how they are, etc... You seem like quite a sensitive person too, that's why it's better to talk to someone, vent, tell them your worries/ how you're feeling. (It is helpful) Also, stick up for yourself, once you talk back to someone, people will start liking you and they'll want to be fearless and courageous- Like you! Final step, go out partying, have a good time, you're still young :) And remember to flirt! ^^

    But just remember, you are beautiful- No matter what they say :]

    Source(s): If my co-worker talked behind my back, I wouldn't be afraid to kick her ass! ;) #JusSayin' :D Hope it all works & hope I helped!~ <33
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    I'm exactly the same hun, I don't dare go anywhere incase people think bad of me as I'm 19 and have a 1yr old, I started havin panik attacks in the main street so went to docs and have been giving tablets go see your doc see if he can help you I know my tablets have helped me :) xx

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    Thats why you go do sonething fun. Be spontanious! go to france for a vacation or sumthin :)

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    I feel **** about myself as well.

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