stay in employment , or go to university ?

i have currently been in full time employment since leaving school in 2008.

i recently completed the AAT course and now earning £14,000pa.

i wanted to progress to do CIMA, however my employer wouldn't support this training. They wouldn't even fund half of the course if i made up the other half , as they said they thought it was more beneficial to me than to the company.

The account manager is now leaving at the end of the month (5 months on), and they would like me to the majority of the work she currently does, and go on the training course.

When the told me that they wouldn't support CIMA 5 months ago, i have since then applied to university. I get exemption from the 1st year, making my degree last 2 years. 3 with a years work placement.

i am now stuck to whether i should stay in employment, or go to uni ?

i am aware that jobs are hard to get thesedays. But unlike the majority of students, i will have lots of work experience already.

the more i looked into uni, the more i wanted to go! i currently have 3 unconditional offers for direct entry into year 2. and with me only being 19, i believe that i will benefit from all the student experience.

if i decide to go uni, i will have 4 years full time work experience by the start of it.

the alternative is to stay in employment. i really wanted to study for CIMA, however they told me they would support it. the only reason they are willing to support it now, is due to the account manager leaving.

as well as this, if they only want to fund half of it, it would be equivalent to getting paid £12,000 pa, with CIMA training and paid day releases.

5 months ago, i would have jumped at this opportunity, as it was me who suggested it, but now i am unsure.

i have been saving up for money to go to university, and plan to have saved 8000, by September. i got rid of my car to enable me to save up so much.

originally i had planed to save up to pay for CIMA, but once i looked into uni, i thought i would be better off using my money for spends at uni, rather than spending it on a course all upfront.

what would you do in my situation. stay in employment, or go to university???

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  • 9 years ago
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    Stay employed and obtain the free training, Continue to go to school as well, or take a break for one semester if you can't keep up. You will graduate with better prospects if you can manage to do both than either option independently.

  • 9 years ago

    Stick with the Employment, if your situation changes then you can reapply again, I am an Employment Benefit Advisor and the current situation is going to get worse before it gets better, lots of people would love your job..... Stick it out & take the opportunity of the offered training, I dont get what you are saying about Benefiting from the Student experience, do you like the student poverty & Lentils?

    Happy New Year & congrats on your promotion

  • Joan
    Lv 6
    9 years ago

    I admire you so much! Because you have an excellent attitude, you will succeed whatever you decide. If the firm want to send you on the course that you originally wanted to do, go for it. However, University will open more doors and with your work experience, it will give you far better career choices. Good luck and let us know what you decide to do and how you get on!

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I would go to University!

    Like you said, you will have 4 years work experience when you finish Uni which will put you in very good stead for getting a job! You will also have the qualifications to further yourself ...

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