Dream interpretation help w/ an odd little dream?

Normally I'm pretty good at this sort of thing but this one has me stumped.

I was taking care of two of the cutest, happiest infant twin girls. I don't know if they were mine or if I was babysitting for someone. I kept drawing a blank on their names. No matter what I did, I just couldn't remember their names & I kept calling them by my dogs' names (which are human names but boy names) or the names of my cousin's twin boys (who are adults now but who I did help care for when they were babies). Everytime I called them the wrong names, I would say to myself, "no that's not right." & I'd try to think of their names & nothing would come to me.

everything else in the dream was pretty mundane: changing their diapers, bathing them, changing their clothes, feeding them, playing w/ them, hugging & kissing them, putting them back to bed.

one final detail (because sometimes these sorts of details matter): the twins were biracial: they had golden brown (my hair color) very curly hair, gray eyes, & very light brown skin. (which might be why I was calling them by my cousin's boys' names--they are biracial w/ light brown skin & blonde curly hair & blue eyes.)

I'm interested to see what the posters can come up with. Thanks!

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  • 9 years ago
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    This one had me stumped for a good while, so I went and did some other things online and came back. This is what I've come up with.

    There's two issues concerning you right now - things that you are giving equal attention to, and they seem very important to you in terms of responsibility, a thing you take seriously and carry out your duties with these two things with a systematic approach. What I think tho' is that you are getting a bit too distracted with the importance of these two things taking your time and attention. Those things are not as important (hense you cannot find their true names!) as you might, at first, thought they were.

    I think that you are tended towards being a selfless individual and that is a thing of good character. However, remember to care for you own needs first. Don't become a doormat for anyone, because they see the selflessness in you. You'll still do what you will do with dedication, but with your eyes open.

    Does this ring any bells at all with you? :)

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    ok going to break the dream down for ya ok. first of each and every of the fingers - clean properly groomed fingers are an illustration of delight in existence. lack of fingers (contained in relation to your mom and the cat both) is a caution that's good to pay nearer interest for your man or woman affairs. For the fingers to wish to caress you that's an illustration of honest love. So shall we glance at what the fingers are putting forward to ya. Your going to sense free yet you want to safeguard your affairs extra heavily. and also you're sincerly loved by technique of those round you. 2d shall we glance on the cat. A cat in a dream is a nasty omen oftentimes. It foretells of deciet and treachery between those that you've faith. So like the fingers say take tremendous care on your man or woman affairs, the cat is caution you some thing is up. understanding the cat replaced into going to be killed is telling you that you'll defeat the point of those that are trying to fireplace up hardship. in spite of the undeniable fact that you may want to be watchful so that you'll understand how. To dream of your mom in this gentle means that you'll sense free on your man or woman affairs in spite of the undeniable fact that at the same time as she stated harsh words to you that's likewise telling you to observe out that there is extra happening than there looks. So each and everything is pointing deary to be maximum careful. each and everything is going to be high quality yet you want to be watchful of those round you so that you'll defeat thier purposes. do not understand what's up yet deffo some thing a foul in Denmark there. desire this helps you.

  • 9 years ago

    Ok.. This is one of those dreams where they don't mean anything. I'm pretty good at this too and This dream doesnt seem to throw a message to me like others do.

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