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Very worried about my dog- Please Help!?

I have a Bichon Frise whose four years old. Ever since last night, she's been acting very strange and unlike herself. Usually in the morning, she jumps off my bed (she sleeps with me at night) and joins my parents' in their room, but this morning, she sat on the ground whining and crying. I thought she needed to go to the bathroom, but she didn't lead me to the door like she usually does. Then this morning, we've noticed that she would walk really slow, and she didn't jump on our couch or beds. Then she started shaking for no reason, even though the house was comfortably warm, and she's never done this before (except for after taking a bath)

We took her to the vet this morning, and the vet checked her spine, legs, and neck, and she said our dog has nothing broken and her joints were fine. Except for a 1 degree temperature, Diamond was okay. However, the vet did do a blood sample and said we would get the results tomorrow.

However, everyonce in a while, Diamond will start shaking for no apparent reason. She's usually a very energetic and loving dog, but today she's been acting very strange (her tail down, still walking slowly, looking timid/sad) I don't know what's the matter with her and it's really begining to worry me.

So I'm asking for your help. Do you have any ideas or advice? I'm thinking she may have a cold. her fever is gone, but she still continues to shiver (unless we cover her with a blanket) Any help will be deeply appreciated, thank you for your concern!!!

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    Is she eating normally? Do her stools look normal?

    She is definitely in pain. If she's feeling cold, then put a baby T-shirt or something on her to help her feel warm. Could be just fear, though. Some dogs get very scared when they're in pain.

    It *could* still turn out to be a back injury. Just a few weeks ago one of my dogs behaved in a similar fashion, and I figured it was his back but took him into my vet to be sure. My vet did all sorts of manipulations, even rough ones (made me cringe a bit, but I have total trust in this vet), with no reaction at all from my dog. He finally resorted to sticking needles in along the dog's spine, getting minor or no response until he reached mid-back, when my dog leaped and whirled around. So we finally knew where the injury was... I asked if we should do an X-ray, but my vet shook his head and said it wasn't necessary (he is the best diagnostician I've ever met, and it's going to kill me in a few years when he retires.....) He prescribed some Deramaxx, and my dog felt MUCH better by the next morning. Within 48 hours was his usual bouncy self. Of course, I had to restrict his activity for about a week so he wouldn't aggravate the injury. Very important to give injuries time to heal, even after the dog *thinks* he's fine.

    BTW, congrats on taking Diamond to the vet right away. So often we read on this forum about owners who simply won't spend the money to take their dog in for medical attention. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that whatever is wrong with Diamond isn't serious, and that she will soon be back to normal!

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    Usually when a dog shakes, it's because they are cold, sick, in pain, anxious, nervous, excited or scared. It sounds like your dog is shaking because something is causing her pain. If I was you, I would call the vet back and tell him how she is acting and see what they suggest you can do until you get the bloodtest results back tomorrow, to get her more comfortable. If your vets office is closed for the day, the you can call an Emergency Vet (open 24/7) explain to them what is going on with your dog and what your vet has done so far and they may be able to give you an idea as to whether it may be pain or something else that is causing your dog to shake and what to do. I hope your dog is better soon. Poor thing sounds like she is miserable.

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    You should also take a fecal sample to the vet. My dog acted just like this when sge had gastroenteritis.

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    cover her with a blanket and have somebody go to the vet/pet store for vitamins for ur puppy(even though shes 4 she's always a puppy to me) if that doesnt help just let her rest, and take her to the vet if it continues.

    Vet Research.

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    just stay quiet around her!

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