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Help needed understanding Kim Hargreaves pattern 'Down'?

Im sure this is very simple and I might be over thinking this..that being said..

It starts with 12 rows that form the pattern. After working this pattern for some time it then says:

Work 15 rows, ending with a WS row.

Inc 1 st at each end of next and 2 foll 14th rows,

then on 2 foll 12th rows., taking inc sts into patt.

My questions are how do I work 15 rows in a 12 row pattern?

and I just dont understand how to implement the rest

Please help!

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  • Miz T
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    You'd work the 12 rows of the pattern and then work Rows 1 - 3 to work 15 rows in a 12-row pattern.

    Once you have established the pattern, you work that pattern continuously (unless the directions specifically change the pattern). Any shaping that's added in is worked alongside or within the pattern. The shaping in this pattern is added IN ADDITION to the row-counting for the pattern. You'll need a separate count of the total rows for shaping.

    The line that says "taking inc sts into patt." means that once you start increasing stitches at the ends of the rows, the new stitches must be incorporated into the pattern you have established.

    Perhaps you need a row counter. Your yarn shop will have row counters that fit onto straight needles or circular needles that are used for working back and forth, and they should have row counters that fit on your wrist or stand on your table, and I have seen one that pins on a shirt.

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  • Irish
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    8 years ago

    If this is a bottom up sweater pattern, it doesn't start with the pattern. It starts witth several rows of a banding stitch. So at this point, you might be reading the pattern instructions and thinking it's the beginning of the body of the garment. Some designers spell out the repeating pattern before the main instructions. Take a second look at the instructions and see if that might be the case. I'm thinking it wants you to do 15 rows of a banding stitch, then many repeats of the pattern and tthese rows might be the decrease for the armhole. Without the whole pattern to read, it's difficult to give an accurate analysis. I'm also not sure what the abbreviation "foll" is.

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