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did US soldiers get to choose whether they went to fight the Japanese or the Germans during WW2?

especially,,,i was thinking that the US government would want to find out how "Enthusiastic" a soldier would be about going to kill Germans....if they themselves were of German heritiage....did maybe the German americans get selected to fight the Japanese? (that way they didnt feel as sentimental towards the enemy maybe? I know Eisenhower was a german american..but he was a general...not someone that was going to be actually killing the enemy )

how the US goverment determined who went where in the WW2 and why?

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    I know you're thinking about the 442nd Infantry Regiment, made up of Japanese-American soldiers, which became the most decorated unit in the United States military.

    They only fought in Europe, for obvious reasons.

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    Fight better compared to who? The German Army in WWI? The Allies? Their Axis allies? The fact is that the German Army was a very well trained machine with even better tactics. However, once the allies learned to counter these tactics effectively, the German war machine came to stand still. The Allies bled the German army dry of all their well trained troops by waging a two front war.

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    Not unless there was a pressing reason. People of Japanese descent were MOSTLY sent to Europe, and people who spoke German were usually sent to Europe also unless the military found some problem with them going there. If you joined the Marines, you were almost assured of going to the Pacific theater though, as were the VAST majority of the Navy personnel. Most Black units were sent to Europe also.

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    if one wanted to fight the japanese he'd definitely join the marines to be sure of ending up in the pacific. but other than that not really. but high ranking officers could choose to be transferred though. some rangers fought in the pacific too

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    Can you imagine having to fight the enemy of your choice,you were in the army and you did as you was told at the double.

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    Nope, unless they were members of either The Rangers or Marines, Marines fought the Japs, Rangers The Nazis

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  • simple, a draft was drawn with a system of using numbers from licenses and you were simply placed at random for the most part...maybe there were racial exceptions, but if so, not many.

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    Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) wanted to avoid foriegn war untill Japan attacked us we declared war on Japan. Then The Alied European countries ( Russia England) and Canada and Austrillia asked for help so The us helped us.

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    No, once you enlist you have to go where you are sent and have no say whatsoever in where you go.

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