How did Sherlock Holmes survive at the end of Sherlock Holmes: game of shadows?

I do not understand how the breathing apparatus has anything to do with saving his life. He should have died immediately upon impact after falling hundreds of feet into a violent waterfall. Can someone explain this to me??

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    8 years ago
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    I believe that they did not ignore but build up minor clues to 'imply' how holmes survived. yes he did use the breathing apparatus to breath whilst in the water, however he is a strong man and if he did consiously survived the fall he could simply swim up to the surface, this is why i believe that these clues may be how he did it. First we see gladstone almost dead on his room floor and he injects him with adrenaline to bring his heartbeat up quickly, he does this as a test. we then see holmes almost die in the train after the torture, i believe however that he was simply bored and wanted to see if he could slow his heartbeat and breathing whilst still staying consious as we see when he wakes up as he inquire to watson if he called him a bastard, he is brought back from this state with the adrenaline. and so i believe that as he fell with moriarty that he put the apparatus in his mouth and used the earlier experiment to fall into this state of unfeeling consiousness. this would mean that when he hit the water the shock could not stop the heart because the heart would not be beating much anyway. there fore he would survive the shock of hitting the water, but still be able to breath until he regains his consiousness...and that is my theory. it is that complex because it is peeing me off and i want an answer.

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      Well done...that's a convenient answer

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    8 years ago

    Actually, falling into a waterfall is a little less tricky than you might think because of the churning water. You don't usually die from the impact while falling from a water fall because the water isn't still, but moving and frothy (unless of course there are big, jagged rocks to impale yourself on). You die from drowning because the churning water keeps you under, which was the purpose of the breathing apparatus. The water would have actually been rather buoyant for him, and wouldn't have been like hitting the cement from the same height, which is what water is usually like, falling from a distance.

    Hope that makes sense!

  • 8 years ago

    he survived with the brothers breathing apparatus ...and in terms of the impact of the water and violent waterfalls I guess they ignored that bit....

    thought: Maybe since he went along with the current instead of against it...but I'm speculating...all out of luck I suppose

  • 8 years ago

    Actually, the action of the waterfall itself helped soften the impact. It is being held underwater, disoriented, and unable to tell which way to go that kills you. With the breather, Holmes had the few minutes to collect his wits and follow the currents to calmer waters.

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    6 years ago

    the breathing apparatus Holmes had saved him because he was only breathing with his mouth not his nose.As for Moriarty, he died because Holmes and Moriarty fell in two directions Holmes hit the water, and Moriarty hit the rocks below the water,leaving Holmes alive.

  • 3 years ago

    a agree with your theories but i believe that Moriarty is alive too, because in the end of the movie watson said that nobody's body was found

  • 3 years ago

    maybe so

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