Head trauma, worried!?

Lately I've come on my period and study for exams, but about 5 day before my period I started to get a dizzy feeling, over the past few days I've still had a dizziness feeling and tension at the back of my head and slight queasiness but the queasiness soon passes over, I have been the doctor previously as he said that I had low blood pressure on my periods due to my body losing so much blood, but I have never experienced the tension and dizziness and nausea feeling before, I'm generally worried about this and my mum said to leave it a couple of days to see if it passes. Also I went the doctor back in jut and then the opticians in October for an eye test and it was confirmed I need glasses since wearing then I haven't had any problems until now, I'm really worried it could be something more. Has anyone experienced this before?

Thanks in advance!

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    They may need to do a blood test on you; it could be simple as "low iron" or something else....It may not necessarily be a serous problem.....If this happens when you're on your period, then I would not worry so much.....When a women comes on her period, her body is most sensitive to every thing....Just go get a check up and whatevery it is, nowadays they have things available that can help you....Wish you the bes....:)

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    Three words wonder. Yes. I have such experience.

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