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whats better us army or british army?

i already know the british army is better just wondered whats others think


i only asked the question to get a debate going i said the the british army is better cuz i live in england but the us army and british army are as good as each other but i think we all agree that were both better then germany

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    Why compare? When either must fight, the other, along with Canadians and Australians, will be with them shoulder to shoulder.

    We Americans have nothing but respect and affection for those who serve in the armed services.

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    The British Army is desperately understrength but well motivated and well trained,

    It has in the last 300 years only known two years when it was not in action,

    The American Soldier is probably the most adaptable Soldier I have ever had the pleasure of serving beside, The biggest single failing of the American armed forces is its chain of command,

    I mean the president a civilian as the commander in chief really does interfere which usually puts a political spin on what the Army does, (Bay of Pigs/ Grenada)

    Whereas the British commander in chief (HM the Queen) has the sense and the lack of official authority to get involved and leaves the job to the professionals.

    The pity of the British Army being subordinate to the American Armed forces in the combat zone means that the American command when they had captured Baghdad and won the 2nd Iraq war, the first thing they did was to dissolve both the central and the local governments which left a political vacuum,

    The British Army have always had an organisation in place to run central and local government until Democratic elections can be held,

    It comes from centuries of running an Army in the largest Empire the world has ever known!

    That is not by the way a boast, just a fact which helps to outline the advantages of experience.

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    If the British Army had that many personnel trained to fight, it would be them who won. There would be very few survivors, but most of them would be either very badly wounded and/or British. This is the only way the British stand a chance of beating the Americans, when it is equal numbers, no back up and on (presumably) neutral ground with neither side defending.

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    Well you will obviously get biased answers coming from both sides on this question, I can be the middleman here and give you a very unbiased answer, reason being is that I am American born but am a Citizen of the UK as well. Man for Man the British Army could defeat any army in the world with breathing room. The US Army also has difficult and good training but the British Army Trainng is superior to any other armies in the world and gives the British Army the edge in that category. Now our next topic is sheer numbers. The US has so many more soldiers, airmen, sailors, and marines than the UK. Hands down, the edge in numbers goes to US army. Now we come to the topic of equipment. I very much respect the

    SA-80 Assault Rifle and I Very much respect the M-4/M-16 Assault rifle but I think that one British soldier with a SA-80 could kill four US soldiers with M-16 variants. But on the contrary, the US Army has a larger tank force and Air corps. So the Edge goes to the US Army. Our next topic is Allies. The UK is pretty much one of the only good USA military allies, the USA has some European countries like Germany that would side with them but I think the UK would get Russia who is always lookin for a fight with America and they'd also get a lot of Europe to side with them. The edge goes to the British Army in this case. So all in all if it were UK VS. USA without any other nations interfering, the USA would win but at a large cost of money, soldiers supplies and would probably fall within a decade because of economic problems. If nations interfered, the UK would win but at a large cost of money, soldiers, and supplies but they would not fall because their economy would not fall.

    This will most likely not happen for 50-100 years because we are such great allies though.

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    The guy who said look at the statistics from Afghanistan was right the British Army is better yet if we had a war the U.S would destroy us

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    could all the teenagers please stop bringing up these stupid who is better questions. the americans may have a reputation as a bunch of gung ho trigger happy cowboys but in the past ten years they have been on a steep learning curve, and they have taken every lesson to heart. they have adapted to things brilliantly. they have the funds. numbers and most importantly the political will to improve. the british army struggles with all these three things. we have been sent into combat without the proper resources and as a result operations have taken longer to make any progress. this is no fault of the average british grunt, but our politicians, who are ignorant of military matters. however, when all is said and done, no other army in the world could have achieved what the british army has in the past couple of years with our lack of numbers, and equipment(most notably helicopters, the lack of which has had a severe impact on casualties). despite being outnumbered, running low on food, ammo and water,and despite restrictive rules of engagement, the british soldier(and the airmen and sailors who support them) have fought hard and aggressively, holding the line in situations no one else could

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    British Army is much better trained and more professional.

    US Army is bigger.

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    This is a pretty bone question. I have worked with the US military and they are very professional and to the guy that said there are US Army bases in UK he is wrong, only USAF.

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    Put 30 brit troops against 30 us troops, brits would pi$$ all over them, put the us army against the british army and americans would come out on top. Americas economy and country is more than 10 times that of britain...

    edit, i didnt read your answer brian, now i have...


    Brit infantry train for 32 weeks pal ^

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    Agreed with Fernando. Does it matter? As long as they do their job and save their countrys lives from great threats and do their job it doesn't really matter. It's pretty obvious that Americans are going to say their military, yet the British are going to say their military.

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