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Why do so many of the girls at my school all wear the same kind of clothes?

A lot of the girls at my school wear the exact same kind/style/whateveryoucallit of clothes. These are:

-'Off-the-shoulder' top

-Skinny jeans

-Little shoulder-bag-purse-thingy, usually glittery and with a chain

-UGG boots

Originally I thought it looked sort of cute, but literally almost EVERY SINGLE GIRL IN THE SCHOOL except for me and a few others wears this type of stuff, every day. I'm all for expressing yourself through fashion and having your own style and whatever, but really. Wearing the same thing as everyone else is not having your own individual style. Is it that they can't think of what else to wear, or they just want to go with everybody else, or be popular or anything? Why?

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    A lot of people believe that they will fit in better with society if they copy it.

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    That is called "HERD BEHAVIOR".

    They think it is great because someone popular started it and everyone followed. It is always best to have your own style even if the herd wears the same thing. However, wearing something way off will make you a weirdo rather than a fashion statement maker. So keep the skinny jeans from the 'herd' and wear different cute shoes and hotter tops

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    It's not just at your school... teen girls typically choose to dress alike.

    Girls use clothes, accessories, and fashion to define themselves, make statements about their choice of peer group, and to establish their psychological identities. For some, the right outfit can serve as a conduit to the popular clique. For others, clothing choice allows them to fly under the radar. It sometimes might even make the difference between a teen girl’s fitting in or opting out of her school community entirely.

    For more info on the psychology behind it, here is a good article:

    Happy New Year!

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    they have have been given quite a few kinds going from what i've got observed. Tight denims are huge-unfold with absolutely everyone- and the "emo rocker" element is coming returned. As for shirts, something with a type or band is gonna be in each single place.

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  • Because they are "drones", they have become so obsessed with outward appearance that they have become a "drone". They don't even know who the heck they are. It happens one kids get into like 7th grade. they think it's time to put on their " big girl panties" a bit too soon, develop retarded attitudes, wear clown make up and many other things. its the way life is now.

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    They think they are cool and want to fit in. But good for you that your above all that. You'll make it somewhere in life. Im the one of the only ones at my school who is fashionable. Tight yoga pants with things and revealing shirts isn't a good look, but they think it is. Uggh.

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    Some people just want to fit in and not be different but now those are the coolest "trends". They're all just puppies following their master. Followers. Thank you for not being a follower and being a leader; we need more people like you to set trends.

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    To not feel left out of the crown. The in-crowd thing, you know. Just be yourself. Do not worry.

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    sweety its trends i see that alot too. i wear off the shoulder tops(slash shirts),skinny jeans,graphic tees (ninja turtles,hello kitty etc) and i dont follow them. its my own style. its good tht you do your own thing..keep doing it.

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    in style

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