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Why did Kaiser Wilhelm II back down at the Agadir crisis of 1911?

In 1911, when France attempted to take Morocco, Kaiser Wilhelm sent the gunboat 'the Panther', in the hope of forcing the French into giving Germany a share of Morocco. However, the French took Morocco and Wilhelm was forced to back down. Was this because Britain sent gunboats or was it simply he knew that he was getting nowhere, or another reason entirely?

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    The first Moroccan crisis pushed Germany out because the Spanish along with other countries decided that the French should take charge of their police force.

    In the second crisis Germany accused France of trying to take over Morocco after the rebellion in Fez.The Panther was seen as a threat to Britain and a war like action so Germany was forced to back odwn

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    Kaiser Wilhelm II Is The Right Answer

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    Award winning old historian Barbara Tuchman in her book 'Guns of August' (the time leading up to the start of WWI in 1914) quotes the Kaiser and German officials themselves....Saying the 1st and 2nd Moroccan Crisis were instituted by the Germans because the Kaiser wanted 'personal' recognition as a world leader/ statesmen, and the German military/ public wanted international and colonial power and attention, like they thought the British and French were always getting.

    That they and Germany 'never' intended any power/control over far away Morocco, but just wanted attention from the other 'great' powers and to be top power.

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    Agadir Crisis

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    It was exactly that. Wilhelm thought that if the French saw German warships near Morocco, they would think the Germans were going to take military action and would share Morocco to prevent a war, as France wasn't confident enough that their arsenals could win. But the British rejected the German move as they had a fleet a t Gibraltar nearby, and were preparing to put it to sea. Wilhelm knew it was a lost cause and didn't want any blood shed so he backed down, but publicly announced that he hated the English soon after.

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    According to Wikipedia, it was due to German financial problems:

    "In the middle of the crisis, Germany was hit by financial turmoil. The stock market plunged by 30 percent in a single day, the public started cashing in currency notes for gold and there was a run on the banks. The Reichsbank lost a fifth of its gold reserves in one month. The crisis was rumored to have been orchestrated by the French finance minister. Faced with the potential of being driven off the gold standard, the Kaiser backed down and let the French take over most of Morocco."

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    Germany could not muster a navy large enough to compete with the French.

    There were many other issues on the homefront in Germany as well. Wilhelm was attempting to deflect home issues and controversies away from his state and into the international arena. In the international arena he was litterally 'over his head'.

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