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Samsung LCD TV buttons on front hard to see?

I bought the Samsung LCD TV LN46B630N1FXZA 46" LCD TV LN46B630. During the night or overcast days, I cannot see the touch buttons on front of the tv. I have memorized the area of them but still constantly hit the wrong buttons. I can't find my remote so this is my only option. Thanks!

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    You might do a search on ebay for a used remote for your tv. They have many there for reasonable prices. Samsung made the buttons hard to see so they wouldn't distract us while we watch tv. You could also try an inexpensive universal remote from Walmart, and program it for Samsungs, that might work also.

  • 8 years ago

    Well the only advice there is too buy a new remote. Thats what we would advise you to do anyway.


    Source(s): Samsung Customer Service Advisor - Technical Support Northern Ireland (UK)
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