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Sudden increase in Fabric prices in the store?

I got sticker shock at JoAnn Fabrics today -- a bolt marked $9.99 rang up on their scanner as $12.99! Just plain cotton from the quilters section. The stuff that USED to ge $5.99 two years ago.

I was informed that all the prints are going up from $8.99 and $9.99 a yard to $12.99 in January. Is this happening everywhere? I'm in Wisconsin.

What a way to make people stop sewing! We can't afford the price per yard soon!


A 100% increase in two years is too much. It's more than a hobby, I make small items, but can't increase MY prices or I loose sales significantly. Using Goodwill clothing isn't going to do it, the skirt prices are $8, I get less than a yard of fabric that way. Rummage sales have VERY used clothing around here, not an option either.

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  • 9 years ago
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    There's a lot more going on than simple inflation, especially with cotton Right now there's both a world shortage of cotton and a glut (too much) at the same time. China has been stock-piling the world's cotton reserves and no one knows why. Someone has cornered the market. Someone is making a fortune, and no one knows who There's lots of raw fiber, it's just not getting the the mills for processing. There's cotton supply and cost problems all the way up and down the chain. It took two years for my source to find 100 yards of sweat shirt fleece that was real 100% cotton. I've had to grudgingly switch to bamboo based rayon fleece; it's easier to source and less expensive and a heck of a lot better than the polyester fleece that was offered as a substitute. I know this has little to do with your question, but there are international pressures at work that the average consumer knows nothing about.

    There's also the reality that transportation and manufacturing costs more: oil prices are at an all time high and that pushes the price of everything up: from transporting raw fibers to the electricity to run the looms to the cost of transporting the fabric to the consumer. It all adds up and the makers can no longer absorb these costs, they do need to be passed along the chain.

    You will need to raise your prices and you will simply need to explain why you've raised your prices to your customers. I'm sure most are used to the prices of everything going up, there's no reason why you need to take a loss.

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  • 9 years ago

    It is happening at all JoAnn's stores, everywhere.

    But, hey, you're talking about two years ago. Inflation happens. Prices go up, demand fluctuates, need changes. Less people sew now than they did even 20 years ago, but the stores selling fabric and making fabric still need to earn enough - and the cost of living has risen since then, too. Is it fun? Nope. But it's just a part of life. I'm sorry you won't be able to pay the new price, it's never enjoyable dropping a hobby that you can't afford any more. Perhaps you should start looking in thrift stores for sheets, skirts, shirts, etc. that you could rip apart for the fabric?

    Edit: I've already said I'm sorry it's too much for you, but too much for you may be not even enough for them. If you increase your prices, yes, you may lose sales. But if prices go up, they go up. I understand you're upset (and you have every right to be), but saying "Well I sell the things I make!" isn't going to make prices go down. If prices go up for fabric you have to raise prices for the items you sell. Maybe you will lose sales, but you can't charge less than you spend. But you already know that.

    I didn't know that, at thrift stores around here full length skirts are $2-4. Perhaps try different thrift stores if you have more in the area or look at online fabric stores (though as the other answer said prices have gone up everywhere, or will soon). Other than that, maybe you just need to be patient with rummage sales. Sure some people get rid of things that really should be trashed, but not everyone does. And often the good items are hidden under the trash items, you have to dig. Good luck.

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  • 4 years ago

    We are a family of 5 (plus i'm stocking up for our new baby to arrive in several weeks) and our grocery bill averages between $70-150 a week and i haven't noticed any change whatsoever in prices. In actual fact i've seen prices come down and alot of sales going on for diapers and pull-ups. We have a 3y/o, 2y/o and 1y/o so, that nice to see and we shop and both Target and Wal-Mart. Our town is small though of about 1500 people so maybe that's why prices have stayed the same and/or dropping i don't know, i don't go to the city or big town. I have noticed though that fast food deliveries have increased their delivery charge.

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