Christmas time with the family...his or mine?

Having been together 6 years this is my boyfriend & I first xmas in our own place. My family invited themselves to stay at our apartment for christmas. We always spend xmas with his family and i want to spend time with them, but i dont want to leave my family alone at our home....we decided to split up, him spending the day with his family and me staying with mine... was this the best choice for us or does family come first for the holidays?

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    9 years ago

    It sounds like it was the best choice for this particular Christmas, being your family invited themselves over.

    However, for next year, what has worked for us for 17 years of marriage is:

    Christmas Eve, my family celebrates. So, on Christmas Eve, we're at my mom's. Christmas Day, we go to his family (about 80 miles away) after the kids get to open their goodies at home.

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    Well if I were you,i would go with him to his family because that would make my relationship stronger with him...and maybe the next time tell him to go to your family....

    Source(s): Myself because I hated myself when I had to spend time with his family and my bf with my family...
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