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Why are the (North) Koreans so upset over Kim Jong-Il's death?

I'm just judging by that video on youtube (

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Why are they so upset? I don't know much about Kim Jong-Il or Korea, but wasn't he the worst dictator like.. ever?

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    Brainwashing is a powerful tool.

    Keep in mind that for most North Koreans', their whole lives they have been told how wonderful their leader and state government is. Couple that with the isolation of North Korea (they can't simply put up a satellite dish and receive TV signals from around the world for example), the general population does not know how bad they really have it compared to much of the rest of the developed world.

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    Kim Jong-il was the greatest conman to ever walk this Earth, his people believe that a new star was created when he was born and that rainbows filled the sky. They believe that he is the best golfer ever, he apparently got 11 holes-in-one and scoring 38-under par in 1994. North Koreans are unable to criticise Kim Jong-il over fears of being tortured and/or executed. They are the most brainwashed people in the world. Also if you look at the footage of the mourners again you'll realise there are actually no tears, seems like people were probably forced to mourn him, to make it seem like he would be missed more than he actually will be. Let's hope North Korea can begin a new era and re-integrate into the rest of the world.

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    In N Korea neighbours can report neighbours for being less than totally committed (brainwashed) to the Jong Dynasty. Hence all the breast beating and wailing of tears - on the demise of King KIm II Song -sung badly - whatever he called Himself.

    Sleepy giant China has allowed this rogue regime to survive because it doesn't want the westernised S Korea to unite with N Korea - supported by the US of A - as next-door neighbours. But Russia was the main financiers of the Jong regime - all funding now ceased - with the totally militarised regime now descending into ever-decreasing circles of totalitarianism.

    Kim Young One III - 'The Great Successor' - is aged about 28 - and might be able to make his mark - but one fears we know who will be pulling the strings - of a Puppet Leader.

    Rather like the puppet 'President' Ivadinnerjacket is controlled by The Spiritual Leader in Iran.

    1984 has finally caught up with us ?

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    The North Koreans are so brainwashed and are so concerned with everyday living that NOT to show emotion over that *****'s death would render them liable to imprisonment

    We might laugh at Trump's ridiculous "hairpiece" but this ***** had his hairstyle in such a way + his 12 cm platform shoes so he could appear taller !!!!! and had a penchant for lobster and copious amounts of Hennessy (cognac)

    Kim Jong-dead and his sycophants have about $2.5 billion in western banks !!!!! while the vast majority or the Koreans are living in subsistence and starving rations and do what they are told!!!

    NO TV , NO mobile phones, NO internet except for the few!!! No Contact with the outside world

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    9 years ago

    The North Korean 'Government' controls all media in the country, which means all this footage of people mourning Jong-il is propoganda. Its very dangerous for somebody not to look devastated by the self proclaimed 'Great Leader's death.

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    When a population such as N. Koreas and has been under a dictatorship for centuries and the people there know nothing other than a dictatorship type of government, then they feel lost and out of control with what direction their government will go.

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    They are brainwashed into believing he is their saviour, as a result they feel like they have effectively lost a close family member in away,

    I feel sorry for them really because they are upset about a man who has done nothing but screw them from day one,

    who knows what crack pot will take his place, just got to hope that life gets better for the people

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    The ones crying are probably the chosen ones who have actually have something to lose if there is a regime change.

    The poor half straved Koreans are probably quite glad.

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    I did not see any emaciated mourners. Maybe they were all on Kims payroll. I thought they were all starving in No. Korea.

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    Read Kit Fang's answer to this question:;_ylt=Al...

    Oh, and Bandit-05's answer.

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