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WDYT of these names?Plus 2 BQ:)?


♥Eva Danielle

♥Abigail Nicole(Abbie)

♥Bethany Leanne


♥Nathan Zachery

♥Lucas Benjamin

♥Jason Alexander

Rate/Rank/Comment-pick your fave(s)


BQ(1):Would you rather Ashley on a boy or a girl?

BQ(2):What are your fave names-boy/girl


I will choose best answer!x

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    Best answer

    Eva Danielle - I like the name Eva, not crazy about Danielle but the 2 work together

    Abigail Nicole - Nice and classy sounding, and Abbie is cute for a nickname

    Bethany Leanne - another classy sounding name, not crazy about the name Beth though - sounds too blunt and everyone would probably end up calling her that unless you were firm about not, or didn't care either way

    Nathan Zachery - I have never liked the name Nathan, sorry.

    Lucas Benjamin - probably my favorite of the three

    Jason Alexander - isn't this the name of the chubby actor from Seinfeld?

    Ashley is definitely a girl name. My 4 year old son is named Asher though - which I adore and have never regretted using.

    Favorite boy names - Asher, Grayson and Julian - I used to love Nick but it's so overused now.

    Girl names - Lily, Magdalene

  • Cara
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    8 years ago

    Eva Danielle 9/10 Really pretty, and flows well. Not my favourite name though, and that's the only reason you don't get a 10!

    Abigail Nicole 6/10 Abigail's a bit boring, but I do like Nicole. Flows well.

    Bethany Leanne - 8/10 Flows really well, and I like both names!

    Nathan Zachery - 5/10 Nathan is one of my favourite names, but I really don't like Zachery, and they don't flow very well.

    Lucas Benjamin - 8/10 - Love Lucas and Benjamin, and both flow really well together!

    Jason Alexander - 7/10 I love Alexander, but not Jason as much. Both flow well!

    My faves are Eva Danielle, and Lucas Benjamin!

    BQ (1): For a boy, but I like it on both. I think I chose boy because I know a boy called Ashley, but not a girl, so I see it more on a boy.

    BQ (2): Girl:

    Amelia Grace

    Isabelle Rose


    Noah James

    Connor Elijah

    Good Luck :)

  • Tessa
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    8 years ago


    Eva Danielle (6/10)

    Abigail Nicole(Abbie) (6/10)

    Bethany Leanne (4/10)

    fav: Eva Danielle


    Nathan Zachery (6/10)

    Lucas Benjamin (7/10)

    jason Alexander (6/10)

    Lucas Benjamin is my favorite , but I love Jason Alexander as well.


    Girl: Madison boy: Cameron

  • 8 years ago

    Rating 1-10

    5-6 okay 7-8 good 9-10 great


    ♥Eva Danielle 7/10

    ♥Abigail Nicole(Abbie) 8/10

    ♥Bethany Leanne 9/10


    ♥Nathan Zachery 8/10

    ♥Lucas Benjamin 9/10

    ♥Jason Alexander 10/10


    Jason Alexander & Bethany Leanne

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    Let me start off saying that first and foremost, I love all of these names. We have similar taste. These are all great names!

    Eva Danielle- This name is beautiful, but probably my least favorite of the girls names. I prefer Ava or Evelyn, but Eva isn't bad at all and Danielle is beautiful!

    Abigail Nicole- I looove this name. Abigail is gorgeous and Nicole is a great middle name for it, they go great together. This one is my favorite of the girls names.

    Bethany Leanne- Bethany is very pretty, and definitely a name that is growing on me. I adore the nickname Beth. Bethany is also is a little more uncommon, which I like. Leanne is a little boring for my taste, but not bad.

    Nathan Zachery- Great names! Both are classic, strong, and masculine. I love it.

    Lucas Benjamin- I absolutely love's on my list of favorites as well. Benjamin is eh, okay. A little plain in my opinion.

    Jason Alexander- This would be my favorite of the boys names, because I absolutely love Jason and Alexander individually...but not together, because I instantly think of the actor Jason Alexander from Seinfeld. Maybe it's just me. What about Jason Andrew, Jason Aaron, or Jason Adam?

    BQ: Absolutely a girls name. I know it originated as a boys name, but it has definitely made the cross over to a predominate girls name.

    BQ: Here are some of my faves...


    Charlotte Grace.

    Amelia Elisabeth.

    Olivia Noelle.

    Audrey Kate.

    Juliana Marie.

    Isabella Rose.

    Stella Nicole.

    Rosalie Danielle.


    Logan Tate.

    Emmett Finn.

    Owen Patrick.

    Harrison Andrew.

    Dalton Ross.

    Silas Vincent.

    Lucas Aaron.

    Isaac Sebastien.


  • 8 years ago

    Eva Danielle and Lucas Benjamin 10/10. Defiantly my favorite two. Bethany Leanne and Jason Alexander 8/10. Abigail Nicole and Nathan Zachary 7/10. I like Ashley on a girl. Mostly because I have never met a boy named Ashley. My favorite boy names are Wyatt, Lucas, Emmett, Jacob and Luca. My favorite girl names are Alexis, Eve, Rayne and Juliet.

    Source(s): Marshalls mommy
  • 8 years ago

    {GIRLS} ♀

    Eva Danielle-

    I really like short names like Eva, they're cute. Eva is actually one of my favorite short names followed by Ava. Danielle flows nicely with Eva and you don't hear Danielle as a middle name too much. I love it!


    Abigail Nicole-

    Abigail is pretty, but I personally wouldn't use it. It's actually one of my guilty pleasure names. Nicole is my middle name and it is very common. She's probably be like the ninth girl in her class that has the middle name Nicole and if not Nicole, Marie. Those are the most common middle names. The name flows nicely though and I like it.


    Bethany Leanne-

    I'm not a fan of Bethany at all. it sounds old.. No offense! Leanne is cute, but I would never use it. It's not that I don't like old names, I just think this one is very ugly and I have never really liked it.


    {BOYS} ♂

    Nathan Zachery-

    I really like the name Nathan, but of course, it's very common. I'm not too keen on the spelling of Zachery. I prefer Zachary. I love the name Zachary, it's my exs name. Zachery flows well with Nathan.


    Lucas Benjamin-

    I love Lucas! It's such a cool name for a boy. I know about three boy named Lucas and it's very popular where I'm from. The nickname Luke is cute. Benjamin is one of my favorite names for a boy because I love the nickname Ben.


    Jason Alexander-

    I'm not a fan of the name Jason because I know a lot who are really mean. Alexander is another one of my favorite boy names. It's soo handsome!


    My favorites are Eva Danielle and Lucas Benjamin, they're adorable!

    My name is Ashley! I prefer is way better for a girl. if a boy was named Ashley where I live, they'd be teased. Ashley is such a common name, that's why I always spell it Ashleigh or Ashlee. If I were aloud to change my name, I wouldn't because my mom named me the name she liked.



    ♥ Leila Grace

    ♥ Niya Delaine

    ♥ Cadence Elizabeth

    ♥ Adalyn McKenzie

    ♥ Liliana Rose

    ♥ Jaylene Melody

    ♥ Melodi Jane

    ♥ Savannah Roze

    ♥ Hannah Lee


    ♥ Hunter James

    ♥ Bentley Ryan

    ♥ Thomas John

    ♥ Curtis Thomas

    ♥ Connor Matthew

    ♥ Ryder Lee

    ♥ Benjamin Eli

    ♥ Gabriel Dean

    ♥ Mason Alexander

    ♥ Ayden Michael


  • 8 years ago

    I like Abigail Nicole the most out of your girls names.

    Jason Alexander is the name of the actor that played George on Seinfeld.

    What about Jason Zachary or Jason Benjamin?

    Ashley is better for a girl, even though I recognize it was originally a boy's name.

    Source(s): I'm an Atlanta native, so very familiar with Gone With The Wind and the male character Ashley
  • Eva Danielle Is a very pretty well together name! It flows perfectly and is beautiful. I really never liked Danielle but once you put it next to Eva it really does make a perfect name. Abigail Nicole Is a little less elegant and pretty as the first name. Only because i never see Nicole as a very feminine pretty name. I always think of nicky or Nicholas when seeing this name. I really like Bethany Leanne. Its my second favorite after your first name. I really like the nick name Beth too! I think its great for a little baby girl, but also a well brought up women.

    I love all of your boy names. Nathan is a name ive always put off to the side but loved. :) Zachary is great next to it to. Very masculine and handsome. Lucas Benjamin is very sophisticated but cute at the same time. I love the nick name Luke. ♥ Jason Alexander is a little off my taste but its still a great name.

    BQ1: I rather see Ashley on a girl. I dont really like the name.

    BQ2: For girls i like Ramona Charlotte & Caroline Grace, also Elise Amelia :) As for my boys i really like Quinn Elijah, Phoenix Justin, and Tate Xavier.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Eva Danielle - Like Eva, not Danielle.

    Abigail Nicole - Like Abigail, not Nicole

    Bethany Leanne - wouldn't age well

    Nathan Zachery - much prefer Zachary, not too interesting but ok

    Lucas Benjamin - love this

    Jason Alexander - love this

    Eva Abigail or Abigail Bethany are better.

    Ashley on a girl is better but I still don't like it.

    Favourite girls names: Heidi, Johanna, Carlotta, Emanuela, Gia, Victoria, Charlotte, Audrey, Katherine, Ingrid, Vivien, Elizabeth, Evangeline

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