Anyone experienced this before and has gotten pregnant?

I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on the 19th october and he finished inside me, my period came on the 20th october and from what I can remember it was a normal period.

Then around 13/14 days after that (around the time of ovulation) we had unprotected sex again but he pulled out. (My average cycle length is between 28-30 days long.)

I recently got an 'abnormal period' on the 17th November which was a 29 day cycle. By abnormal I mean severe cramping 4 days before I came on and severe cramping on the 1st day of my period, so severe that I had to go home from college because I couldn't barely walk, and went home got a hot waterbottle and laid down! I bled quite lightly compared to my normal period, and it was only red blood and heavy ish on the first day, then it basically was spotting on and off red ish blood until the 3rd day. It then stopped. (my period is normally 4/5 days long anyway). It then surprised me and for a further 3 days I was spotting brown blood on and off like when I wiped and not enough to fill a pad. I eventually completely stopped bleeding on the 23rd November. (I wouldn't even class this as a period). On the 27th November I went to work as usual and when I got back in the evening around 7:30 I went to the toilet and when I wiped there was light brown blood which I've never got. This happened only that once then stopped.

The past few days and today I have also been getting an increase in vaginal discharge which is unusual for me. I have also been having some pregnancy symptoms.

These symptoms are:

- Extreme tiredness

- Frequent needing to pee

- Very, very sore boobs!!

- Areola's are seeming to get darker and larger?

- Leg cramps now and then

- Heartburn

- Frequent headaches

- Sharp abdomen pains

- Feel bloated

- Pressure on my bladder

- Stomach feels tight

Should i buy a test? Is it worth it? or should i wait until the 14th December which is in 8 days time to take a test if I haven't received my AF??

Thankss guys.x.xox.

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  • clare
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    8 years ago
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    Wait until your next period is due, you wont get an accurate answer on a home pregnancy test til then. Those all could be symptoms of pregnancy, or they could be symptoms of PMS, or a virus, or a lot of other things. You could try testing just now with an early response test like Clear Blue or First Response (I got a positive on a First Response 4 days before my period was due, a three days before my period was due with a lear Blue Digital) but if it comes back negative wait another few days and test again.

    ***EDIT Sorry, I misread when your period was due, I thought you said you were due on the 8th, when you are not actually due til the 14th. In that case, don't even bother testing just now, it's way too early. Wait til the 14th and test then.

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  • 3 years ago

    It relies upon on how long you have been in certainly one of those delivery administration. some delivery controls are greater suitable than others and could take longer for you to ovulate back. Others are no longer as reliable and it ought to be as quickly as this cycle on your physique to launch an egg in the process ovulation. that's a sprint confusing to calculate your cycle seeing as you have no longer have been given any reference factors yet we are able to objective. shall we are saying you have a cycle of 28 days. in the adventure that your cycle starts off on Oct eleventh then you definately could be ovulating around the twenty 5th of October. meaning you would be fertile from October twenty 2nd to the twenty 6th. that's needless to say provided that your cycle is 28 days. no remember if it somewhat is style of longer or shorter those dates will replace via some days or so based. it is likewise in accordance with in the adventure that your physique would be freeing an egg this month or no longer. i individually like the hyperlink under and that i seek for suggestion from it generally for my own very own use. that's ordinary to apply and shows you an precise ovulation date. sturdy success! *Hugs*

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  • liz
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    8 years ago

    Think I have already answered this, but I would test after the 14th.

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  • Milton
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    8 years ago

    Buy the test. By now it will be 100% accurate.

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