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I'm 5'3" and weight 123 pounds. What position should I play?

Oh, yes, and I'm a woman but that won't stop me from my NFL dreams. I'll try on for my school football team and then will try to get drafted.

Someday I'll be a pro-football player.


And I refuse to play for BYU or the Steelers.

Update 2:

Well if it helps, I'll be like 128 lbs next week when I get my lady thing. I always gain weight for that, bloat and look huge, like an OT.

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    I highly encourage you to try out for your school's football team next season. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a woman playing football on an all-male football team.

    Based on your height and weight, I believe that the best fit for you is at the wide receiver position. You have the ideal size for a high school/college wide receiver.

    What you need to do this upcoming (and every) offseason is to eat healthy, and exercise by doing a lot of running every day. If you do these two things, you will get faster, stronger, and into better shape, which will greatly improve your chances of becoming a successful football player, as well as the first female to play in the NFL in the future.

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    Try Running Back

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    lol, a woman can't play in the male NFL football league its against the rules. They're afraid you break a nail or break bones. Shes talking about getting drafted to the NFL, when the NFL doesn't allow women to play for them.

    Hell, you can play on the lingerie team.

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    Bucky got it,give him the 10.

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    Missionary Position...

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    Lol @ we found love. You cant be a receiver at 5'3" 123.

    You could be... runningback?

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    Tim Tebow's personal assistant, form there, he while fill you in various positions, I mean, um, he will have positions that you can fill.

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    Oh... football positions... I don't know any, sorry (((((((BFF)))))))

    but if you're talking about the other positions... then I know a few tricks up my sleeves.

  • You can play center and i'll play QB, i will turn your TIGHT END Into a WIDE RECIEVER

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