Transferring Skylanders from Wii to Xbox 360?

I currently have a Wii games console and I have pre-ordered the Starwars edition X-box 360 for my kids. For Christmas they really want Skylanders, however the star wars x-box will not be out in time. I know that If I buy Skylanders for the Wii the characters can be used on the x-box. But what would I need to get the game to play on the X-box... Just the game CD itself Or would I need a new game and platform thingy for the figures to get on? I'm unsure of connections....

Sorry I'm not a big gaming person so I probably am not using the correct terms.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Unfortunately the game will require a new copy of the game software and the X360 version of the Portal of Power, which is not sold separately, so you'd need to buy another starter kit when you got your X360 console. Any experience you've obtained with the Wii figures would carry over as you say, although the story 'save game' on the Wii console isn't transferable to the X360 via the characters, only the stats of the characters themselves are remembered. You could get the Wii version, wait until your X360 console arrives and buy a copy of the X360 version, then pack up your Wii version with the toys that came in the X360 version and sell it used, but with the characters unused.

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  • 4 years ago

    Hmm that is a good question but I don't think you can Unfortunately because well sonys technology is basically a seperate company itself so with a different systems software isn't compatible. Watch some youtube videos and you'll learn how to basically change take apart a system and re-Modify it possibly or damage it unless you have aby idea what you are doing. Do not place a different disc from the opposite software system into another opposite. Which is a waste of time and effort also may jam your system.

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