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How did Bush manage to serve 3 terms as President? I thought Presidents were limited to 2 terms?

I remember Bush also served as President in the early 90s before Clinton kicked him out after 93 and he served 2 from 2001-2009.

How was he able to do this? Did he mess around with the constitution?

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    As with most of the other answers there were two different men.

    But what I need to tell at least one person:

    It does not matter if the terms follow each other or are separated by another president a President may only serve two terms.

    George H. W. Bush may only be elected one more time.

    Jimmy Carter may only be elected one more time.

    Bill Clinton may not be elected again.

    George W. Bush may not be elected again.

    Now if a president died in office then that person would be able to finish his term. If he died in the first two years of his term then his Vice President would only be able to serve one more term. If he died in the third or fourth year of his term then his Vice President would be able to not only serve the rest of the term and would be able to be elected two more times. The President may only serve one day less than 10 years.


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    George Bush, Sr was president before Clinton, and George W Bush (his son) was president after Clinton. I believe that a president can only serve 2 consecutive 4 year terms.

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    George H.W Bush served in the 90s. His son George W. Bush served from 2001 to 2009. They're two different people.

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    I hope you aren't serious. There were two Bushes. The father and the son.

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the only President ever to serve more than two terms.

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    There were two George Bushes that were president, George H. W. Bush senior and his son, George W. Bush.

    Presidents can only serve two terms. Bush senior served one and Bush junior served two.

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    The one in the late 80's to early 90s is GW's dad, George W.H. Bush.

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    You have to be a Kool Aid drinker because only a Kool Aid drinker would ask such a question

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    YOu can't be serious. There were 2 Bushes.

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    If you drink too much Jack Daniels and snort too much cocaine, you tend to get double-vision.

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    he wasn't you are thinking about his father who also served.

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