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Fellow Christians, which books should I ban from my Christian/traditional values school?

I've become the principal of a local Christian high school and I want to make it chaste and fit for the LORD's visits. In order to do this, I'll devise a list of literature I want banned from the school. What books should I add to it? Here are a few I've put on it so far:

- His Dark Materials series (tries to teach rationalism, which is offensive to God)

- "The Quran" (basically a book saying Jesus wasn't God, which is blasphemous)

- "MacBeth" (there are witches in it)

- Biology textbook used in curriculum (states the Earth is older than 6000 years old, and that we evolved from apes, which is offensive to God, who clearly states he made us from dust)

- a chemistry textbook used in curriculum (tries to reiterate biology textbook statement of Earth being old)

- "The Odessey" (a story about false gods)

- "The Origin of Species" (tries to argue that God doesn't exist, which hurts my feelings and goes against what my parents drilled into me from a young age)

- science magazines (they all try to emphasise a naturalistic worldview, which is blasphemous)

- math textbook used in curriculum (it tries to state 1+1+1=3, but through the love of our LORD and Saviour, and the Hoy Trinity, we know 1+1+1=1)

- the Harry Potter series (promotes witchcraft)

- versions of the Bible other than the King James Version

- "The God Delusion" (argues in favour of neo-Nazi ideology and that Jesus was a cow)

- all how-to books (promotes actually doing things to get things done while our school promotes prayer instead)

- the Internet (kids could search things and end up running across blasphemous websites, damning their souls to Hell upon reading)

Any other profane books I should ban in the name of Jesus? Thanks, Christians.


@gutbucket: No, all books but the King James Bible. Wouldn't want any of those heretical Catholic Bibles getting into our Holy school!

Update 2:

How many people actually read this entire thing?

"- math textbook used in curriculum (it tries to state 1+1+1=3, but through the love of our LORD and Saviour, and the Hoy Trinity, we know 1+1+1=1)"

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    You should ban sections A through F, and just for safe measure ban sections G through Z. In fact the bible is really the only book you need. Be sure to ban literacy too. Reading and interpreting the only book not forbidden is the job of the priest. You wouldn't want members running off reading and interpreting the bible on their own, do you?

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    Uh sorry about my first answer. I mis read your question. Okay i don't think think you have to ban All these books. Harry potter can be banned though. Anything that pretty much is completely involved with witch craft. Let the internet stay though, but put restrictions on it. Keep the "origin of species but explain to them the real origin of species which is God. Get rid of God delusion. It's just going to cause confusion.You can keep biology. There's nothing wrong with that. You can keep most of the stuff you listed but first teach your students the truth.

    @usafbrat64: Understand that this is a CHRISTIAN HIGH SCHOOL! Therefore the curriculum must also focus on God as well as math and what not. I know you might not agree but some parents want there children to learn about God and that's why they send them to a CHRISTIAN SCHOOL. By eliminating certain books that go against God this school is doing it's job. If you don't want to be christian don't go to a CHRISTIAN SCHOOL. ps. no one is trying to make YOU a christian.

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    I don't understand why you would ban the Harry Potter books. If you haven't noticed they have a ton of Christian themes in them like evil will never triumph over good, or self sacrifice. You're just closed minded, but don't worry about it, a lot of the people I go to church with are closed minded too.

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    you realize, it particularly is spectacular the type you human beings can placed us down merely because of the fact we've faith in some thing which you do no longer. If we are saying something, we are considered antisemitic, or top winged wackos, for doing precisely what you're doing. you're no longer any differant than somebody utilising the race card, taking the easy way out instead of particularly proving a element. merely bear in mind, we christians are 80 5% of the inhabitants in u.s. on my own. The outdated testomony is worshiped by utilising the Jews, Christians, and Islam. Given the state of our united states, you're able to save your head down while the bullets initiate flying.

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    You're so funny!! Seriously.... none of them! All of them are worth reading and/or discussing. And please quit trying to make us Christians seem like ignorant fools because you are making a fool of yourself.

    ETA: Yep, I read the whole thing. The Trinity is beyond mathematics, it is a mystery of faith. And by the way, I'm a secondary maths teacher.

    @Walter... sweetie, I am a Christian. And no Christian school would ban all of these books. And if they did, they are not worth attending. Wake up.... He's trolling.

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    ALL Versions of the Bible INCLUDING the KJV...they ALL promote violence, sexism, racism, promtion of slavery, intolerance, hatred, harassment, etc. That's far worse than Harry Potter could ever provide.

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    Just go the full monty and ban every book except the bible.

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    the Humanist Manifesto

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    Looks like someone banned Norelco from his bathroom...

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