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My dog may have eaten rat poison?

My dog got out of the house and may have possibly got into rat poison. This has happened before and it costed us 4800 to get it out of her system. We dont know where shes getting it. That being said we still are not sure that she got into it. We re not sure if she even left our courtyard and was out for 10 minutes. Shes a min pin. I gave her a tablespoon of salt to get her to throw up but she just gagged and tried but wouldnt throw up. I have the antidote to get it out of her system. When should i give it to her? Should i give it to her now or when the symptoms begin and im absolutely sure that she got it? Please help. Thank u

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    Eating rat poison is potentially life-threatening, especially for very small dogs. The rat poison interferes with the production of blood clotting factors, and three to five days afterward, dogs will start to bleed into different body cavities. Without intensive care including a plasma transfusion, it is often fatal.

    Of course, it is too late to help your puppies if they haven’t already recovered, but this may help others with the same problem.

    To treat a dog who has eaten rat poison, a veterinarian will:

    1. Induce vomiting within two hours (ideally at a veterinary hospital, but you can do it at home with several teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide).

    2. Start treatment with vitamin K, 5 mg per kg of body weight, twice a day for three weeks or longer.

    3. If later than two hours, but less than 12 hours, give activated charcoal to help prevent absorption of the rat poison.

    4. If more than two days after ingestion, check clotting times and give a plasma transfusion which contains clotting factors in addition to starting on vitamin K.

    5. In some critical cases, intravenous fluids and other supportive care including blood transfusions may be required.

    If your puppies have been getting adequate doses of vitamin K, likely no further treatment will be required. Keep in mind vitamin K can also be prescribed through a human pharmacy, since the treatment for rat poison ingestion in people is the same. (Children have been known to ingest it). It is available in 5 mg and 25 mg capsules.

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    And you are asking random strangers about this?

    Get your dog to an emergency vet immediately.

    they have a pill that goes under the eyelid (no kidding) that will make her vomit right away - you need to get as much of it out of her. It may help to feed her a half piece of bread, in hopes that the bait gets gobbed up in that instead of digested.

    But get to a vet clinic NOW - while you still have some time to get it out!

    From now on, set up a pen in your back yard, and check it before you put your dog in it.

    A min pin doesn't need much room to go out, and an ex-pen should do just fine.

    If you control where they go, you can also control what's in the pen.

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    Give her cap fulls of Peroxide until she throws up and then call your vet. Also, salt is very bad for dogs and I have never heard of it being used to make them throw up. If you have the antidote to get it out of her system I would also use that, as long as it was given to you by your vet.

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    Try this to help her throw up

    Call or vet and ask for advice on giving additional meditation.

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    Stike- ``I`d take your Dog to the Vet.``

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    Go to the vet or emergency clinic ASAP this is extremely dangerous and your dog could die. She needs treatment right away

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    Call up a vet and ask for the advice. Is she acting sick? What has triggered your curiosity if she ate it or not?

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    Call you vet.

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