Is 15 too late to start Ballet?

I'm 15 years old, and I took ballet lessons from when I was 3, but I quit when I was 11.

The reason I quit was partly because I moved and it was financially a little difficult at that time, but also because I was really shy, and I was scared to start making friends all over again at school and a ballet studio. When I think about this reason, I feel really bad about how weak I was, and that it shows I wasn't taking ballet seriously.

Right now I'm in my high school dance team, and I'm not sure how in the world I made the auditions because I haven't danced for 4 years, and I'm probably not that good compared to the others on the team.I just wanted to try something else, and I also didn't take the auditions so seriously. I thought, I wouldn't hurt for me to at least try, so I did.

For some reason, I absolutely fell in love with dancing! I love to watch ballet the most, and my feelings towards ballet has changed completely. I never thought it was this fun, even just to watch. My sister (age 6) is also taking ballet since last year, so I decided to go to the studio there too, but it's a little hard for our family for me to also take classes because I'm the oldest of 7 kids, so I can only take one here, which is Ballet 2. I know the basics from when I was younger, so Ballet 2 fits me well right now. But whenever I go to the studio, either for my class or to take my sister there, I find many other people my age taking very high level classes, and I regret so much for quitting. I feel like I may be too old for continue ballet(?) or get really good at it....Could I have any advice if I should continue? Thank you very much;)

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    It's not like you are starting cold, so you may still have a chance, but it would be for the love of the dance

  • Go for it! My cousin was 13 when she started and she had NO experience, and after she finished her Grade 1 exam, she was moved directly to Grade 5! So, just imagine what you can do with previous experience! If you love it, you really should pursue it. You'll probably start in a class with kids a lot younger than you, but I'm positive that you'll progress much faster, so soon you'll be in classes with people more your age. Even if you have difficulty at first, just push through!

    I'm hoping to take my own advice . . . I stopped ballet after 2 years when I was 7, and I'm starting to love it again, so hopefully I'll have the guts!

    Good luck and stay positive =] ♥

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    that's in no way too previous as a results of start taking ballet. My mom began ballet while she substitute into 30 and loves it. The ballet center on your city that provides training for each age is probably a sturdy place to start. i don't comprehend the way you may communicate on your mom and dad, nevertheless. in simple terms get all your motives at the same time before and assemble some counsel with regard to the ballet center (at the same time with pricing). Then frivolously clarify what you need and why.

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    I don't think you're too old to start ballet. I'm 12 and just recently started ballet. They have me in a class with girls one or two years younger than I but I'm really trying hard with practicing and paying attention and my teacher says that I'll be up a level in no time. You might be too late if you want to start a carer in ballet, but definitely not too late to get good at it and have fun:D Just practice, stretch, and ~PRACTICE~ ! You should fer sure try it if you know you'll enjoy it:)

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    Are you kidding?? I'm 23 and I started ballet 3 years ago. I just took my Intermediate exam this year and got en pointe! It's wonderful! I've never regretted my decision to start ballet. I take classes 3 hrs a week. But nearing exams with coaching, its up to 10 hrs a week! I love itt!! GO AHEADDD AND START!!

    Remember to focuss and work towards what you wantt!! =DD

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    Ignore anyone who told you to stop. Dance is a sport you can do forever. Its good for you and several new people join at your age, because they grow to appreciate it. Ask to do privates and work hard if you feel that much about it. Dance is great.You will be there soon dont worry about it. Good luck. FYI I would try to go to to as many classes as possible

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    Definitely, you can do it. You'll be fine, especially if you love it because then you'll WANT to push yourself and want to get better at it.

  • 8 years ago

    Stop trying...don't even start

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