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Could the queen of England kill someone and not go to jail?

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    The British Monarch cannot be charged for any offence, including murder.

    The common law holds that the Sovereign "can do no wrong"; the monarch cannot be prosecuted for criminal offences.

    The Crown Proceedings Act 1947 allows civil lawsuits against the Crown in its public capacity (that is, lawsuits against the government), but not lawsuits against the Monarch personally.

    The Monarch cannot be tried in Court because all court proceedings are done in her name; in essence, it would be a case of Queen Elizabeth vs. Queen Elizabeth, which couldn't exist by default.

    If the Monarch committed a serious crime, such as murder, it is extremely likely he or she would have to abdicate; however, even after abdication the Monarch wouldn't be persecuted as at the time the offence was committed, he/she was immune from any charges.

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    No, because there hasn't been any such person as the "Queen of England" for hundreds of years.

    King James VI of Scotland inherited the English throne in 1603 - over 400 years ago! - and became king of the whole of Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) and Ireland. We united politically a century later to form a single united country.

    Since then there have only been British kings and queens, not English or Scottish ones.

    I suspect if the Queen of the United Kingdom killed someone they would cover it up if at all possible, but if it wasn't possible to do that they really wouldn't have much choice but to put her on trial.

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    No first of all there is no Queen of England to kill someone.

    If you are actually referring to the Queen of the United Kingdom then no even if she did kill someone she could not be prosecuted as she is the Crown. You can't have the Crown v Crown. It would probably cause a constitutional crisis resulting in her abdication.

    The real question is why would she kill someone?

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    No, ironically the Queen would be put in prison like any other Brit, Canadian, Australian or which ever one of the countries she's Head of State of she committed the crime in. It is kinda ironic that she'll be put in a prison named Her Majesty's Prison though, every prison in Britain has Her Majesty's at the front and I'm assuming that is the same in Canada and Australia, etc however I could be wrong.

    EDIT: Just to point out, as some people have said I answered incorrectly, in theory the Queen cannot be prosecuted but in reality she would be, also if she were to commit murder I don't she would remain Queen much longer unless the British public felt the act was justified, if we didn't her approval ratings would most likely plummet, the country would most likely have a referendum on remaining a Monarch, or at the very least, keeping the Queen as monarch and then finally, once she has been kicked from the throne, prosecuting her is pretty easy.

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    I don t know why people answer these questions the way they do, we all know what people are asking. Queen of England, British Monarchy, potato, potota, who cares. Just answer the question, if you don t know, don t answer.

  • Nope. Even though Queen Elizabeth has the name of 'queen' she is still an ordinary person like all of us.

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    The last Queen of England died in the early 18th century. I should think that murder isn't really in her current repertoire.

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    Absolutely. She is above the law. She cannot prosecute herself can she? The Crown vs. The Crown? That would make no sense.

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    Are you mad? Shes a little old women. Who she gonna kill?

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    NOT AGAIN ? NO such title. The MONARCHY is a BRITISH one. She could but would not kill anyone!

    Source(s): Welsh and BORED stiff with this constant "Queen of England" stuff!!!! Been a BRITISH MONARCHY for over 300 years!
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