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Top Ten Rappers of the past decade?

Mine are in no order:


2.Jay Z



5.Immortal Technique

6.Tech Nine

7.50 Cent

8.Twalib Qweli


10.Lupe Fiasco

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    9 years ago
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    1 Royce da 5 9

    2 Eminem

    3 Dr dre (for Bringing up eminem and making nice headphones)

    4 Joe budden

    5 Crooked I

    6 Snoop dogg

    7 Joell Ortiz

    8 Mos def

    9 RZA

    10 GZA

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  • 4 years ago

    certain Jay is accurate 10 yet Em is accurate 5 usually yet in my opinion Its between him and Nas and that i'd even side Eminem because the Winner, you spot when I got here on YA for the first time i took in each of the detest and abuse Eminem receives on the following (typically by technique of black human beings #justsaying) and that i began to have self assurance a number of it and initiate to imagine this guy quite is overated, properly no, i became authentic all alongside now ive researched/got here across new artists and listened to rappers quite everyone says is more advantageous ideal than Eminem, and no way has the different rapper been able to paint a tale with words and show off impressive ability jointly lyrically, neither can they supply a similar overall presence on a music that Eminem spits on, in case you performed one thousand rappers of all diverse colors to a blind guy who had by no skill heard of Eminem and instructed him to pick a accurate 10 in words of "who stood out" Eminem may be contained in the combination, human beings dont understand why he's so observed/respected, its because if this guy became no longer a rapper he can be a storyteller, a author or poet, And in my opinion, "STAN" is a music which your generic listener will ignore, yet until eventually you surely listen, no longer listen, yet take heed to the words and how sensible the verses/sentences are laid out to inform the listener of the progression of insaneness contained in the nature, you wont quite understand, no longer to point the methaphorical meaning portrayed as Eminem became attempting to say to us all "dont take me so heavily", its angers me that no longer many human beings understand that music, yet im satisfied that it enables me to feed off of eminems genius, hes a legend, and a musical pioneer it truly is disguised by technique of his public personality.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    *Tech N9ne.

    and, Immortal Tecnique and 50 Cent?

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  • 9 years ago





    5.Jay Z.


    couldnt think of four more.

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