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Who is better Luis "Legend" Suarez or Wayne "Granny" Rooney?

Luis Suarez knows how to score great goals and how to upset the Manchester Scum United fans

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    Rooney can carry a team. Can Suarez? I like Suarez, but I don't think he can.

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    i could could desire to assert basic Wayne takes it for me. in my opinion I dont like Suarez, he may well be an quite complicated participant to video reveal by way of his outrageous diving, inspite of the undeniable fact that technically he's clearly somewhat proficient and each so often you purely could desire to comprehend him for his touch, dribbiling and medical ending, additionally the partnership his has appeared to kind with Gerrard works very effectively for Liverpool. Having suggested all that Rooney, nonetheless can provide lots greater. he's quite versatile, enjoying in many positions and has a superb passing variety, upload to that his ending, first touch, capability and prefer, you have an quite good participant!

  • Wow, legend must mean something different in scouse talk. Or maybe you're so desparate for a star that they don't even need to be at your club for a year before you start tossing that term around.

    It's actually "Granny Banger" we would appreciate you getting that right.

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    Rooney because Suarez dives alot...

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  • Rooney


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    Who will win in a fight? Yea, Rooney any day.

    Source(s): I am from Ghana....
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    Luis 'cheat' suarez

    Wayne 'money grabber' rooney

    im guessing you're a scouse fan from london. typical glory supporter eh

    Source(s): coming from a leeds fan
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    The dude from Uruguay!

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