Snorkel and winch for 1993 jeep cherokee?

I just got a rugged 1993 jeep cherokee and want to do some off roading. I am looking to add a snorkel and a winch, but not sure what to get. I want something that it good, but not too expensive. If someone could help me out, that would be great!

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    9 years ago
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    For a cheap snorkel you will either need to go used or home made. As far as a winch goes it is recommended that you get one that is 1.5 - 2 times the weight of your vehicle. Bare minimum would be a 8000lb with a 9000lb being a better choice. If the winch is something you are going to use every weekend then save up the coin for a good Warn winch, however if you only off road occasionally you could probably get by with a cheaper winch, such as the Smittybuilt XRC-8 ($299).

    A good place to get better Jeep Cherokee info would be (use Prerunner1982 as your referral and post away, great group of guys and a lot of knowledge).

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    Snorkel is around 300 bucks you'll need to cut a hole in the fender not hard to do. As it goes for a winch I've owned almost every brand Ramsey warn smitty mile marker and super winch ill say a warn is the best I've never had a warn give me any problems most of the others rust out hold water and burn up you get what you pay for a warn 8000 is perfect around 750 bucks from Amazon I bought it earlier this year for my newest jeep is a great site for anything and everything jeep. Have you already got a winch bumper? Good luck happy jeeping

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    For a Cherokee, you'll need at least a 3000 lb winch (though I would recomend bigger, this size would help you out of some tight spots, just don't put too much stress on it) 5000-8000 lb would be better. Warn - 86245 - VR8000 resales for $400 or so, this would be my pick as best value. Smittybilt sells smaller winches for under $250, but again, don't work them too hard in pure pull.

    Safari, and ARB make the only snorkel kits that I know of and neither are cheap (over $250). If you are good with your hands, I would google some pics of some install jobs and fabricate your own snorkel.

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    i'm guessing which you probable have a rock caught in there, attempt employing the Jeep backwards for slightly, and on the comparable time be conscious brakes. this could desire to dislodge it. (whilst doing this the grinding could desire to look to get worst first earlier it gets greater desirable)appears like small issue.

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