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What is the basic differences between dry and steam iron?

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    Nowadays dry irons are rare to find. But if you prefer a dry iron, might as well you buy an iron with dual function which has the dry and steam mode. The standard iron mostly has both of these functions.

    Dry iron is considered an old technology and to compare between a dry and a steam iron, steam iron can iron out the creases faster than a dry iron. it is because when you steam it, it will loosen up the fabric creases with moisture and the heat will work immediately to smoothen out the fabric. So, it works great on tough fabrics such as jeans and slacks. Another point to make is that if you use the dry iron, somehow the fabric feels a bit rough but with a steam iron, the fabric will still stay soft after ironing.

    A steam iron uses superheated water to eliminate wrinkles in clothes and fabrics which may not be suitable for traditional dry ironing. Distilled water is usually poured into a holding tank and special heating elements convert it to steam. This hot mist comes out through a number of holes in the soleplate (bottom heating element) of the steam iron. As the steam loosens the individual fibers of the clothes, the steam iron's pressing action smooths out wrinkles.

    Many traditional dry irons contain a steam iron option. Water is poured into a small reservoir and superheated until it becomes usable steam. A mechanical switch on the handle of the iron allows the user to select the steam setting. The steam itself should come out of small holes located near the tip of the pressing plate. For most conventional ironing needs, this combination of dry and steam iron settings should suffice. The steam generated by a traditional dry iron may not be overwhelming, but it will loosen wrinkled fibers.

    Some ironing jobs such as curtains or quilts require a much more generous supply of steam. This is where a true steam iron can be useful. Distilled water is placed in a larger reservoir in a steam iron. Users can push a button to receive a burst of steam when needed. More holes in the soleplate means a more generous supply of steam while ironing heavier materials like suits or curtains.

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    What is the basic differences between dry and steam iron?

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    A reservoir for the water, a sealed heating chamber to produce the steam and a vent system to deliver the steam to the fabric.

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