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Wondering in any one of you Guys know any Idea of the ETHIOPIAN CALENDER.

I have been few times, they use totally different Calender then the one we use. EG in Ethiopia it is now 2004, and in the Uk is 2011.

My question is if some is born in Ethiopia what date of birth do they use.

Any idea is well come.

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    9 years ago
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    ethiopia has 13 months. and yes they are in 2004 and they use that date for ther birthday but if they were to come to the US, the date wud be made into out calender

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  • 9 years ago

    The Ethiopic Calendar

    By Dr. Aberra Molla

    Ethiopia has its own ancient calendar. According to the beliefs of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, God created the world 5500 years before the birth of Christ and it is 1994 years since Jesus was born. Based on this timeline, we are in the year 7494 of the eighth millennium (or ስምንተኛው ሺህ). These are referred to as Amete Alem (ዓመተ ዓለም) in Amharic or "the years of the world". Era of the world dates from 5493 B.C.

    Ethiopic is not the only calendar in Ethiopia either. The works of Enoch (ሄኖክ) had been in Ethiopia and Egypt before the times of Moses and on through the times of King Solomon and Queen of Sheba. As has been the case for Israel, Egypt and Ethiopia have had important roles in Biblical History. An Enochian year is completed in 364 days, Enoch 82:4-7 and Jubilees 6:23-28. More precisely, a 365-day-solar-year and the 365-year-solar-cycle appear as a 365-days-and-years single term. From the three books of Enoch, a curious 364-day length of calendar year lends new insight by reserving the last day of the solar year. Ethiopians followed the Old Testament before the introduction of Christianity (1 Kings 10:1-9). The Arc of the Covenant was brought to Ethiopia long before Christianity accepted the Old Testament and offered worship to God. The Oromo (ኦሮሞ) people have their own calendar. Bete Israel (ቤተ እሥራዔል) believe in the Jewish faith.

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