If i come out of the closet, will people accept me? 13 Male Bisexual?

So im kinda populer at school. im 13 in december, ive only started to question my sexuality at like, march. when i realised i like boys i thought make so much more made sence. so, i researched alot online for a few days. i guess my parents realized i was freaked out abit, so my mum took me upstairs cuz she wanted to talk to me. so we were just like sat their chattin and stuff, i told her i was gay, but im not :S

so she toatlyy was perfectly acceptin and dint change anything :D

now i have a bunch of friends, im not builled anymore cuz i used to act really quirr in yr5, yr6 and half of yr7. yr8 now and my lifes perfect, turinin to a teen in december, but questions are comming alongg, like sex, condoms, smoking occasionly. porn , masterbation. Things are persnoally. my mates know i watch porn, i sometimes like to watch gay though since i am bisexual :S

so me and my cousin tryed smokin on monday, and its tuesday, my cousin is in yr7 and is 12 on the 20th and we loved it. when we were like 6-7, we gave each other oral and stuff, but we dont talk about that. i was thinkin about telling him that im bi, but nobody else in my family is. me and my cousin are close and i completly trust him to keep it. but then i though about tellin my m8 jack. he says hes hates gays, and that its wrong. but personnaly i think he is gay since he says all the girls in our year are ugly? but on gta iv at the strip club he had an erection?? when i sleep at his, we run around and playfight and stuff in our boxers. but i thought if i tell him it would ruin our friendship.

THEN i thought about telling every1, be the first male to come out the closet, since there is a bi girl in my year and she has kept her friends, made more but people avoid her abit. but shes a girl, itll be diffrent for boys, my mates might not want to be friends with me. id luv for every1 to know, but what if i losse my mates and be buillded agian. i worked hard for about 6 months to get to were i am now. occasional girlfriends, loads of mates, i am allways hellpin bullied people, givin people tips about stuff. becuase I went through this and it was a rough journey. i dont relly act quirr now but just be myself, and most people like me:)

there are the peeps who cant let go of the past though, so

should i come out to my mate, cuz im def tellin my cousin. should i tell every1.

will it just make things arquard. shuld i just tell jack and my cousin glyn?? or just glyn. its hard keeping this in, but i think glyn will accept me :D

please dont tell me im too young to know my sexuality, to smoke, want to own condoms or have sex, soursily, DONT comment if u r

ty for the help :L

srry its soo long lol xx


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  • Ben
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    9 years ago
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    First of all at 13 it COULD be a faze, however it might not, so you may want to consider that in 1-2-3 years time you may feel differently, so coming out could be a bad thing, cause if you come out then later find out your not gay/bi then things become awkward.

    However if you are 100% sure about it, then the only thing you can do is accept it and come out, If your friends no longer want to be friend with you, then they are not real friends to begin with. If this is the case you usually start making new friends who accept you for who you are. Try making friends with that Bi girl you talked about, then you will diffinatly have someone who knows what your going through as a friend.

    The other thing I just wanted to say, is you must be really close to your mum to tell her first and for her to have no reaction what so ever. If she is that cool about it, maybe ask her for advice, I know at your age that sounds horrible talking to your mum about stuff like this, but thats why she is there, parents are their to help the children though any situation and they usually have more knowledge than anyone else you will know.

    So there is that option to consider as well.

    So remember, if your friend no longer like you, they are not true friends, Friends should be for life, no matter what, and that is a fact.

    One more thing I should tell you even if you told me not to say this, is to stop smoking, I know you think you have heard it all before, but trust me, in about 6-7 years you will regret starting, I have never smoked, but my brother does and he started at 11 years old, he is now 23 and has been trying to stop for 4 years now, but just cant because he is addicted, Then when people say we told you so, he gets angry and wishes he listened.

    Hope this helps


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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    First of all, SMOKING AT AGES OF 12 AND 13? WAY to ruin your lifes, seriously

    Second, well, since there is a Bi girl at your class I would say come out to her first (Even though you may not be close, its always nice to know at least one person knows)

    Then just kinda take it from there. Bi is always an akward position to be in, since if you're gay, girls dont mind, guys do, if you're straight, roles are turned

    Source(s): Wish you much luck ;)
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago


    You are only THIRTEEN, and declaring yourself to be something-or-other?

    Chill, Bro. I have silk shirts twice your age.

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